EE refreshes its SIM-only plans to offer more bang for the buck

UK mobile operator EE today refreshed the company's range of 4G SIM-only plans, offering more bang for your buck when it comes to mobile data. Available from today both online and in EE stores, the new 12-month and 30-day plans offer a wider range of options for consumers looking to hop onto the 4G bandwagon, without having to fork out an extreme amount for the luxury of LTE connectivity.

New plans kick off from £9.99 and Extra plans start from £15.99 bundling unlimited UK calls and SMS, whilst doubling available 4G speed (currently available in select areas). With 75 percent of the UK covered, EE is a pretty solid choice when it comes to 4G, though pricing has always played a major role in consumers steering away for cheaper alternatives (like Three with its low priced 4G plans).

Today's announcement and price changes should hopefully appeal to more customers. Check out the EE website for more information on the new SIM-only pricing structure.

Rich Edmonds
  • Please provide more details - or a web link to the data. Thanks Rich.
    Possibly like this
  • after checking your link mate i'll stick with 3 sim only. 20 a month unlimited everything and tethering
  • I'm on that too, it's a great deal but I think they've increased the price since
  • Recently updated my contact with EE to a SIM only plan as I had no reason to update my 1st gen Moto G (which is not 4g compatible). EE make the 3g plans so uncompetitive that I felt forced into opting for a 4g plan. EE then boast about the number of customers 'choosing' to switch to 4g with them. Naughty EE. Good coverage though.