Mailbox for Android

Popular iOS email client and Dropbox property Mailbox is coming to Android. The app, which was purchased by Dropbox a year ago, will include an "auto swipe" feature that will allow users to archive an email now and automatically archive similar emails that arrive in the future. Mailbox is launching today on Google Play and you can find it at the Play Store link above.

Apart from that, Mailbox on Android works much the same way as Mailbox on iOS. You can swipe emails to snooze them until later, and Mailbox will learn your preferences and start automating it for you. Mailbox also supports a unified inbox, so all your mail can come into one place. Gmail and iCloud email users can both get in on the action with Mailbox on Android.

Mailbox is also coming for desktop users, though is only launching in a limited beta at this time (if you're interested in playing email gueinea pig, you can sign up at Dropbox also announced collaborative editing within their file sharing service, but won't be sharing more details on that until Friday.

Source: TechCrunch