Droid's 2.1 update coming this week, Motorola says on Facebook

We learned this morning what we'll likely see once the Motorola Droid gets the update to Android 2.1. Now we have have a time frame. Motorola, on its official Facebook page, dropped the following (emphasis ours):

Hi all-- we know you are frustrated with the lack of details regarding Android software upgrades and we sincerely apologize for not being able to share info sooner. We're happy to relay the 2.1 upgrade to DROID will start to roll out this week, and we will have more information to share on other device upgrades later ...this week as well. Thanks for your patience and continued support.

So let's all keep our eyes peeled this week. Next question is what other updates does Moto have up its sleeve? Stay tuned, folks. [Facebook via Engadget] Thanks, Tyler!

Phil Nickinson