Droid Incredible transitioning from AMOLED to SLCD touchscreens this month

The Droid Incredible is switching to SLCD touchscreens, and it's happening soon, folks. HTC previously announced that the Desire and Nexus One were making the change due to the scarcity of AMOLED screens, which are manufactured by Samsung. We've already seen SCLD in the U.S. Cellular version of the Desire (read our review), which will be in stores in the next week or so. And the above screen shot from Verizon's internals and posted in the Android Central Forums shows that the DInc is switching this month.

The big question is will anyone notice the difference. Side by side, yes. But that's true between any difference screen types. [Android Central Forums]

Phil Nickinson
  • Lol is there a reason Samsung won't supply them with more, is it just the super amoled on the galaxy?
  • Is a slcd any easier on the battery?
  • I'd think no, my battery use for display is always super low. maybe around 5%ish on average, 10% at most. My buddy with a Droid is around 70%, though that's not SLCD and they might be better than regular LCDs.
  • Err wait? I thought I had read a story somewhere saying that the switch was going to be called off and that the DInc would be staying with AMOLED?
  • If I were to order now, would I still get one with an AMOLED screen or is it too late? Or will Verizon not have inventory of the SLCD until the end of the month? Sorry, can't make out all of the small words in the picture.
  • Nevermind, now I see that it says late September.
  • Yet everyone loves to brag about Samsung but when it comes to anybody but Samsung they get screwed because Samsung failed on there part to provide screens and other parts for other devices. Look how long the Droid Inc has been out of stock due to screens and other parts from Samsung in the 1st place. Wow, its NO surprise there about changing screens.
  • The DInc has been back in stock at VZW stores, VZW's website and on other websites for quite some time ;)
  • Yes! My tip made it to the main page!! XD I'm going thru the channels at work to find out if someone has one with SLCD already. The sku is changed slightly, I'll keep an eye on when they pop up.
  • "We've already seen SCLD in the U.S. Cellular version of the Desire (read our review), which will be in stores in the next week or so." I think you may be confusing Cellular South with US Cellular. US Cellular's Desire has been in stores since the 26/27th of last month...
  • Yep, this is completely true guys. I dropped my 13 day old dinc from two feet and the screen spider cracked (it only stayed together because of my invisishield). I called asurion and had another one the next day. The screen was different. That's right, different. The colors were "washed out looking" and not as sharp compared to the colors of my previous screen (compared them side by side). I don't know about y'all, but one of the key selling points for me buying this phone two weeks ago was the AMOLED screen and when i received this subpar screen, it kind of got under my skin. So, i immediately called verizon when i got a chance. My local store didn't pick up, so i got transfered to corporate. The list i'm about to give you are all the people i talked to within the next hour and NOT A SINGLE PERSON claimed to know what i was talking about : VZW corporate, VZW tech, Asurion, Asurion tech, HTC north america corporate, HTC tech, the company that puts their phones together and their tech, and lastly my local verizon store after four calls. Long story short, customer service sucks and VZW and HTC are trying to sweep this under the rug (they don't have "AMOLED hi-res display" all over the dinc discription anymore).
  • Interesting. At least if I have an insurance claim I will have the phone replaced with another AMOLED device.
  • Sorry, not necessarily. If you need a replacement and there simply are no AMOLED available, they will give you SLCD since that's all they have.
  • Tell them you want a refurbished one! Most look like brand new and you will still get the old screen. It's not ideal but I would do it.
  • Just gives me a selling point when the time comes to part with my AMOLED screen havin' DrInc!
  • I have the new screen. I think it is just fine.