Treasure awaits

Pirate has been a loaded word for centuries, and now in the digital age, that name is even more loaded. In the old days, pirates actually had to go out and steal something physical, something tangible. Today, everyone's been a pirate at one point or another — don't tell me you haven't! — and pirates are harder to spot because we can plunder digital goods from the privacy of our homes. Fear of pirates has kept services from Android for years, the thought of piracy drives companies to extremes and extreme annoyance for the customers as they have to navigate the chaos of DRM and other anti-piracy features.

But there's still a romantic air to pirates. The hats, the swords, the freedom of the oceans… So raise a bottle of rum and break out the Jolly Roger!

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Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the most iconic theme park rides on the planet, and that was before the films sharing the sanme name earned over a billion dollars. Of all the iconic scenes in this iconic ride, this is the one that is most recognizable. You see a dog with keys in its mouth, and you instantly think Pirates. This Disney Parks Blog wallpaper's simplistic lines and broad palette put you and your phone back in those boats, ready to dive into the world of swashbuckling and scurvy scoundrels.

Pirates of the Caribbean Wallpaper

Treasure Planet

Treasure Planet is Disney's forgotten pirate franchise. Tell the truth! You've forgotten about it, too! And I don't know why — Treasure Planet was an out of this world adaptation of one of the world's most memorable pirate novels, Treasure Island. Buried treasure, bloodthirsty alien pirates, the most adorable fluid-based sidekick until the Ocean in Moana… Treasure Planet was an interesting film with some gorgeous artwork, and this 4K wallpaper adapted from the official poster is just jaw-dropping.

Treasure Planet by jaksonstoker

Bring me that horizon

When sailing the seas, your have the sun, the stars, and your trusty compass to guide you. To use a compass that doesn't point north defies logic and sanity… but no one ever said Captain Jack Sparrow was sane. Sparrow's compass doesn't aim for the Northern Star, but rather for what the holder truly desires, which sounds great right up until what you want changes in the middle of the open ocean and gets you hopelessly lost.

Jack Sparrow's Compass by ResenZhu

The Pirate Hunter

One Piece is more than an anime series that refuses to die. I've had friends and colleagues ask me if they should watch One Piece, and I ask them if they've got a free month to do that. One Piece is a hell of a ride, it's not just a pirate show; it's the pirate show. Between crazy high-seas adventures and ridiculous superpowers, One Piece has so many feels that you can't help as they steal your heart... and no one can steal hearts and slice them into a million pieces faster than master swordsman Roronoa Zoro.

Roronoa Zoro Minimalist Wallpaper by Darkfate1720

We wants the redhead

"We wants the redhead! WE WANTS THE REDHEAD!" "Quiet, you swabs!!"

Of all the controversial scenes in Pirates of the Caribbean, the one that has managed to stay almost completely intact is the auction scene, which is home to my favorite character and line of the ride: the Redhead. The auction scene when you think about it is a pretty horrifying concept, and rather than quivering and cowering as so many of the other women in line do, the Redhead takes back a little control of her life by drawing the bidders' attention with her bright colors and saucy show. This wallpaper is also available as a shirt, if you want to show you love for our awesome Redhead on your next trip to the parks! Now, say it with me:


We Wants The Redhead!

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