Download Android G1 RC33 Update Now

Instant gratification is never having to wait. Thanks to the XDA Developer community, the latest Google Android update is available now. Among other things, it includes Google Latitude, a location-based app that's created quite the stir among those with privacy concerns.

The Android update for the T-Mobile G1, RC33, will start rolling out today, February 5th, and will continue rolling out through the 15th. If you don't want to wait for the over-the-air (OTA) update, RC33 can be downloaded now and you can be running Google Latitude in no time.

If you want to know where to download it and how to update the firmware on your G1, then follow along after the break!

Sometimes things like firmware updates can feel daunting if you are trying to do it manually. The good news is that manually updating Android is a fairly simple process, the most difficult part being getting the new firmware version prior to receiving it OTA.

I recommend a fully-charged G1 before you begin this process. So if your G1 is charged and ready to go, then just follow these steps and you'll have an updated G1 in a matter of minutes.

DISCLAIMER: Android Central nor myself accept any responsibility for any mishaps that may occur during the update process. If you somehow manage to "brick" your phone, that's unfortunate, but it's ALL on you. Using these same steps, I managed to update my firmware without a hitch. Just remember that what you do with your G1 in your own home is YOUR business and YOUR responsibility. Now, with the sloppy legalese out of the way, are you ready?

  1. Download the RC33 file that's posted at XDA Developers here. VERY IMPORTANT: If you have root access ("jailbroken" G1), this update will NOT work for you. Community member JF has been very helpful in modifying updates to work for those with root access.
  2. Once you download the file to your computer, it should appear as: This next part is important. Rename this file as
  3. Make sure you have a Micro SD Card in your G1. Connect your G1 to your computer via USB. You should see the USB icon in the top left corner of your G1. Drag it down and enable the USB connection to your computer.
  4. On the desktop of your computer, drag and drop the file to your G1, placing it in the root of your Micro SD Card. Then, unplug your G1 from your computer.
  5. Turn off your G1. Make sure it's completely powered down. Then, turn it back on by holding the Home and End keys. Wait for the icon popup after the T-Mobile G1 logo screen. Slide open your keyboard and type Alt + L. The event log should be displayed.
  6. Press Alt + S to begin the update. If you have properly renamed the file to and placed it in the root directory of your Micro SD card (meaning that it's not in any other folders), the update should begin.
  7. Be patient. The update will take a few minutes. Be sure to follow the on-screen instructions. You will be instructed to press the Home + Back buttons to finish the update. Be aware that your G1 will reboot a few times to properly install the update.
  8. Enjoy your new, shiny RC33 update, complete with Google Latitude!

After you have updated your G1, let us know what you think!

Thanks for the heads-up on the RC33 availability, Yoshi!

[xda developers]

Brian Hart#AC
  • Worked for me, thanks for posting!
  • installed thanks, still not impressed with this release, was a bit laggy at the start but it seems to be working smoothly now. they seemed to put a lot of work into latitude
  • Installing now!
  • it installed but i dont see no difference from when i first got my fone nothing changed about my fone its still on da old update
  • Mmm.. installing. :) It's not cupcake, but I guess it will do! Going to go play tag with some mates in a mall all using our G1's and latitude and see how well we can find each other ;) The true test of if it's convention worthy!
  • i don't know if it mine but it taking for ever to copy onto the 1gb card that comes with the g1
  • no you won't get the ota update, because this is identical. Yes future ota should still come down :)
  • Hi , I am in the uk and following all the directions given , it finds it , then starts the install , then it fails half way , 60%ish . Is there anything I can do . I am using vista . Thanks
  • [...] started out with the normal instructions for manually installing the RC33 update, which are pretty actually slick and simple. However, I was getting a failed check when trying to [...]
  • How do you put it into the sd card? Anyone?..
  • For those having trouble when I renamed the file and then tried updating it said somthing about the file not being found so I went into astro app and noticed it had been written as. fixed it to retried and worked like a charm. Hopes this helps
  • Are you suppose to unzip the file before placing it in the root of your SD card
  • Updated mine about an hour ago..been been fine. Just did the inital reboot after the install on my wife's G1. We're going to spy on each other with latitude.. haha!
  • i renamed mine n my g1 wont update y is this ? any1 no ?
  • Does it have togo to safe mode n then what nothing happens with me do u have to press alt+L then alt+S. Help plz
  • @ dope: Thanks bro for the tip on looking the file up in Astro!! I too found it was named "". I fixed the name now works great!!
  • I'm having the same problem as Laura?? Help!!
  • I thought I bricked it at first but it works haha!
  • i had trouble because i was renaming the file to "", but it worked when i changed it to just "update"....the zip ext is automatic. this should help some folks out there.
  • SWEEETTTT.. now if I only have the balls to root my phone. lolz.
  • Ok, it took me two times.. why because the first time, i renamed it "" which came out to be "".. this caused the update to be "aborted"... 2nd time: I followed the same steps.. except for when it came to renaming the file, i just put "update".. and then it went great. hope that helps. make sure u dont put the "zip" part twice.
  • if it says it cant find the file remove the .zip in you root folder. Then follow the reboot, ALT L and ALT S should work like a charm. S
  • if it says it cant find the file remove the .zip in your root folder. Then follow the reboot, ALT L and ALT S should work like a charm. S
  • for those of you who found the file was named, it's because you're not really good at using Windows. which is scary, 'cause if you don't know what i'm about to tell you, then this is exactly while Google didn't leave root access out there - learn your tools. in windows, File Extensions (i.e. .ZIP, .DOC, etc.) are HIDDEN by default (in Windows XP on up that is). in any folder (e.g. My Documents, My Computer, etc.) click Tools > Folder Options. Click the "View" tab and remove the check next to "Hide extensions for known file types." Now you will see that what was once a file that APPEARED to be named 'update', is actually named ''. by having File Extensions hidden, you didn't see the '.zip' part and thus, made the file become '' when you renamed it. wow, scary. maybe an iPhone would suit everyone who ran into that "issue?" =)~ the universe is ALWAYS watching.
  • Can any one in the UK get it to work?
  • i just couldnt wait any longer thanks works great
  • Anyone tried this for the developer version of the g1? Does it work? (In Australia on 3)
  • Like sporty above, Android starts in safe mode and the Menu key no longer works. (keyboard menu key works OK). This happened immediately after RC33 installed. RC33 installed with normal rollout, New Zealand - 12 Feb 2009. Did my Menu button fail at exactly the same time RC33 was installed?
  • Download works great. Do anyone know about a flash player for g1, I just saw a video of an adobe flash 10 on a g1 is this available
  • vista users, if you get the error, save the file as update .. leave the zip off.. Safe Mode guy, your holding the wrong buttons.. the house and the red power key.. not menu
  • Worked perfectly for me! (T-Mobile Netherlands user)
  • Wow...I did first i thought i did it wrong because I didnt see the voice search icon on my home screen...but then i pulled up the menu and there it was! this update is nothing special but atleast Google is sending us out updates. thanks for the link and the help . :)
  • gotta admit i was a little nervous at first because nothin was happening on my phone but then it came back to life and i felt better lol works good thanks for the update
  • I need help it my g1 always sends me to safe mode someone plz help does that have to happend plz guide me ......I try everything ...if u r pro plz help...this is my .....thanx
  • Wow. Worked like a charm first time. Not much of a difference as far as i can see. But love the voice search. Thanks man was very easy to do
  • will i still get the ota update after i manually do it? and what about future ota updates?
  • For everyone asking, this update doesn't work for UK users currently on RC8. Following the instructions above didn't cause me any problems, but the handset will remain on RC8.
  • Doesn't work for me :( How do I put it in the root of the sd card?
  • You put it on the SD card but not in any folders... you also have to rename it as "update" all lowercase
  • Worked great, thanks!
  • Confirm. Worked for me! However it's probably a coincidence, but I'm having sync issues with my text messages. Can anyone confirm in long conversations that it's just me? ;) I'm stuck in an area on edge, so that probably has something to do with it. The jailbroken release is out for rc33 already too! Updating my personal one with the jailbreak now.
  • I have the exact same problem. I get a E:No signature (170 files)
    E:Verification failed
    Installation aborted. Can anyone help me install to the latest android OS? Thank you
  • i have problems with the release, when i press ALT+S im getting this. Installing from sdcard... finding update package... opening update package... verifying update package... E: no signature (170 files) E: verification failed installation aborted Anyone ?
  • @hasse hansen: have you renamed the file to "" and placed it in the root of your SD card? The "root" is just placing it on the card, but not in any folders on the card.
  • Yoshi you are the shizz
  • Jailbroken! For those who care RC33 is already jailbroken and available on xda developers. Works like a charm. Just finished that update on my personal phone ;)
  • worked fine for me. even cleared out my market cache.. haven't really played around with latitude yet, but seems to work.
  • @ dope: Thanks bro for the tip on looking the file up in Astro!! I too found it was named "". I fixed the name now works great!! I think the directions were wrong, the file should just be named "update".
  • is there a UK version of this?
  • Worked on the first try. Thanks!Now if only the cupcake package was similarly available for phones without root access. :)
  • @player: the directions are correct; you're supposed to rename it to no matter how you get it done ;p
  • Can apply it on UK G1 with RC08?
  • it does not work for uk
  • [...] en Android Central que gracias a los chicos de XDA Developer community, está disponible la actualización RC33 para [...]
  • ive been having some problems idk wat it is but wen i try to update it sais that it cant be found not in the directory but im doing everything the way it is idk wat to do help anyone!
  • im sorry to bother.. but i cant do the processs.. i've downlaoded the file. renamed it to "update" and unpluged from computer, den turned off g1. i have rc30 installed. and when i press home nd end key together all does is start up normally.. i press alt + l but doesnt work.. please help.
  • thank you to the people who said do not put .zip after i removed .zip it worked. tried like 15 times the other way. THANK YOU>
  • Works GRREEEAT!!! Thanks!!
  • i think im doing something wrong please help its not working it keeps saying not found on sd card
  • Matt thanks 4 that advice it worked!
  • Hello . Do you if its works for developper phone in france ?
  • dTMuXS swmbueqwafji, [url=]bmpqyqffabnh[/url], [link=]fovcgubskmsg[/link],
  • Thank....only rename the file "update" and work fine.
  • Very easy.... When you download this file, save it on your desktop. Right click on the file and rename it "update" Don't rename it, because it is already a zip file and will then be, after you rename the file click on start, then "computer", which is right under "recent items" Just drag the file to the removable storage device which is actually your g1 phone and drop it in. Done. Works great.
  • So does it work in the UK or not?
  • Working in the UK yet? Please someone
  • hey i have a mac and i did this and when i press ALT and S it says something about (bad) installation aborted.please help.
  • [...] tired of waiting for RC33 to come be sure to check out our great how-to article on how to update HERE. The RC9 package can be found [...]
  • FOR THOSE HAVING PROBLEMS!!! I am very computer savvy as I have been programming computers for 20 yrs now, but I still had aproblem with this update. Here is the fix: after copying the file to your sd card, right click the file thats on your sd card and rename it to update I had saved it on my desktop and renamed it to update, but using vista when I copied it to the sd card it named it, so I figured out to rename it after copying it. Hope this helps
  • i press down the home and end key and it never showed the popup icon after i held it. it just kept on coming up with the screen t-mobile over and over again.
  • How do I know if my google g1 is updated.
  • i have tried this update a couple times now and it keeps saying that installation is aborted or failed,, i tried renaming the file to just "update" and took out the zip.. it still doesnt work.. can any1 help me out please i would really appreciate it.. thanks
  • When i try to update i click alt+s and it says there is no signature (368 files) and that the verification failed and then aborted. can anyone please tell me either whats wrong or a step by step installation. thank you
  • Help please!!!!
    I'm from singapore. i have a HTC Dream (G1)is locked by singtel singapore. Model Number = HTC Dream Firmware Version = 1.1 Baseband Version = Kernel Version = 2.6.25-01845-g85d4f0d
    android-build@apa27 #27 Build Number = dream-stg-user 1.1 STG-RC8 128394
    ota-rel-keys, release-keys Can i follow the step to update/unlock my phone?
  • after i press the atl+s it showed the a box pointing to the fone n its still on the triangle screen......
  • Woah , i thought i had broke my phone . more then jus a few tries to get workingg . You have to press Alt S once you see a triangle with little phoe in the middle .
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  • i need hlep asap i downgrades to rc 29 firmware 1.0 i was trying to get these justice league theme super tight ( to bad it didnt work) it turned my screen to a blinking white so now i dont know how to get the new update please help somebody i try this new update but its saying fail line some thing like it will start the update but it stops in like the middle its alraady root and everything
  • i need hlep asap i downgrades to rc 29 firmware 1.0 i was trying to get these justice league theme super tight ( to bad it didnt work) it turned my screen to a blinking white so now i dont know how to get the new update please help somebody i try this new update but its saying fail line some thing like it will start the update but it stops in like the middle its alraady root and everything
  • ok, umm. what was the update supposed to do? cuz i downloaded as untructed and it didnt make a difference rly..the whole thing in the beging when turning on was there and updated succesfully but i dont see a difference..plz help! wasnt there supposed to be an onscreen keyboard?
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  • For those of you having problems getting ALT+L to work, remember that, after turning off the G1 and turning it back on, you need to HOLD DOWN the Home key while it's booting, until you see the big triangle with the phone in it. Then press ALT+L and ALT+S as above.
  • Hi I have downloaded several updates for the G1 but when they are installing they seem to throw up errors and abort. Does anyone have a link to an update that still works? Thanks