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DoubleTwist for Windows releases major update, adds podcast support

One of the first questions we get from new Android users is "Great phone. Now how do I get my music on it?" And one of the first answers we give is "doubleTwist." The free software syncs with just about every smartphone out there, has the Amazon MP3 Store built in, and -- best of all -- frees you from the shackles of iTunes. And the Windows application just got a major update, adding:

  • doubleTwist Podcasts - the world's largest podcast search engine! Search, subscribe and sync podcasts to any device.
  • Improved the speed of the sync planning phase and transfer of media items to device.
  • Support for network drives that are mounted as a drive letter.

 You can download doubleTwist here, and read more about the update here.

  • I hate doubleTwist, I have a Mac and whenever I hook my Droid up to try and use it with doubleTwist it either crashes my phone or force closes on my computer. DoubleTwist sucks!
  • Sounds remarkably like running iTunes under Windows :) Still, I do wonder why people are so hung up on the sync model when there are more straightforward ways to transfer music but least there are options.
  • 100%. Drag-and-drop FTW. iPod owners have been trained by iTunes to think drag-and-drop is complicated, even though they probably don't think twice about dragging and dropping non-media files on their hard drive.
  • Just downloaded and set up DoubleTwist! This app is amazing! I love being able to download Youtube vids seamlessly...
  • @Keith.Randy might be something wrong with the Droid or if not the Mac itself. I have a Nexus One and before that a MyTouch 3g and a G1 so I cannot make a judgment about the Droid so with that in mind..... I was able to get doubleTwist to work perfectly on the three phones. I also have Windows 7. However on my wife's Macbook, she has a blackberry 9700, and was an iPhone user before so she still has iTunes. She simply fires up doubleTwist and it grabs the playlists from iTunes and replicates them on her blackberry with no problems. For the sake of trying to help you out, I also tried syncing up with her doubleTwist on my Nexus One and had no problems. Could be also a bug with the droid and doubleTwist and the mac combo who knows?
  • I have a Droid and doubleTwist works flawlessly with it. what I love about doubleTwist is that is will convert the videos to a format I can actually use. Awesome.
  • Will doubletwist do video conversion for the Droid from tv recorded onto a pc?
  • When I first used doubletwist (way back when), it would only sync with a playlist on my pc, as opposed to syncing with a folder or group of folders. Is this still the case?
  • Can I sync my HTC Tilt2 (Windows Mobile 6.5) with my Mac?
  • Can I sync my HTC Tilt2 (Windoe Mobile 6.5) with my Mac?