Don't be this idiot who knifed a store demo Galaxy S8 to test its durability

There's a cottage industry of people destroying phones on camera for entertainment. From Will it blend? to drop and scratch tests, the world loves to see how far we can push the glass and metal that comprise the protective layer of our pocket computers.

But when you decide to destroy a phone, make sure it's yours.

Just to share regarding the S8+'s screen. Visited a local Target store where they had the S8 and S8+ on demo/display. I carry my house key (regular trapezoid/triangle type house key in the USA) on a Cold Steel Micro Recon mini keychain knife. I ABUSED THE SCREEN AS MUCH AS I COULD. I was absolutely flabbergasted by the amount of muscle force and strength and pressure I applied to this...


Respect the property of others, even if it is owned by a big corporation.

Don't be this idiot.

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Daniel Bader

Daniel Bader was a former Android Central Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor for iMore and Windows Central. 

  • I don't get why they decided to do that on a store demo, it seems silly. But also how does one even think of trying this to something that they do NOT own?
  • People feel entitled in this day and age, unfortunately.
  • Bet you it was a Millennial that did it. Damn slackers.
  • Nope he's generation X if you read the forums so he's one of you! Albeit idiots and fools are in every generation that's how they keep this thing going
  • Dumbass
  • What's the end story? Was he arrested? Kicked out of the store? Or wasn't even noticed by anybody?
    He sure deserve some kind of punishment for stealing and damaging someone's property.
  • I don't think it was stolen. He simply tried to scratch a store demo. This goes to show Target needs to up their security/surveilance.
  • You just can't fix stupid...
  • It's just a demonstration of the individual's maturity level and lack of respect for property that is not his own. Why? Because its not his and he can walk away. He was probably looking for some praise from the commenters but instead he got a chin-check from the moderator. Good.
  • @sydneycooper1979 is by far the best Moderator Team Sergeant at Arms that AC has ever had. Which probably means she's the best the world has ever seen. Great stuff Syd.
  • lol, high five.
  • Reminder to please do not share such acts. While it might seem tempting to do these to floor devices, if it breaks, you will be in trouble. Wanna do a torture test? Please do it on something you own. Don't do it on someone else's property. Anyone sharing them on the forums will receive some intense scrutiny. Please think twice before doing things like this.
  • I think this sums it up:
  • "I bench 205"

  • How much are tickets to the gun show, Russell?
  • lol I totally missed that 205 part in the OP. So cute. The "average dude" who is in any kind of shape can normally bench approx. 150% of body weight. 205 is only an impressive feat of strength if you're an 82 lb kid ... which usually means you're 11.
  • That sounds about as douchey as I assume the clown that attempted this stunt actually is.
  • I think his numbers are off a little (a little more than a little), but he's not completely incorrect, at least with the meaning behind the comment. In any event, the 205 bench number is meaningless, as it's really not a lot, and most people don't even know what that is or looks like.
    (I see teens in my gym doing it- not all, but some. But then again "kids" are looking younger and younger as time goes on lol) ..But this guy who tried this really does sound like a ****** Now, if the article was titled "AC member with 315+ bench" ...
    - Leave me in jail please lol
  • 150% of your body weight is basically a standard for people who regularly lift but aren't trying to be body builders. 250% of body weight is in the "you're a freak" category. Your average Joe with no training or workout routine typically benches between 75% and 100% of their body weight, depending on their age. So 250% of 82 lbs body weight is 205 lbs lifting. That'd be an impressive feat of strength. If I saw a skinny 11 year old benching 205, I'd be very impressed. If I saw a grown adult benching 205, I'd assume they didn't lift much or often or were more into doing a lot of reps, rather than less reps with more weights. Depends on what their goals are.
  • I guess when you mentioned the "average dude" I was thinking - the average guy lol. As in; doesn't lift, and average height and weight. Anything beyond that is pure condition, as you pointed out.
  • Holy Christ. When did it turn into Long Island around here? :D
  • About 40 min ago :D
  • I've had multiple shoulder injuries and thus I can't really bench too much, or even do too many pushups. Leg presses I can rock it.. bench presses, not so much... I doubt I could do 205 and I'm slightly over 200lbs.
  • I am seriously out of shape. There's no way I could bench 495!
  • Naming and shaming
  • "Don't be this idiot." Followed by: Continue the discussion (politely) in the forums! Do as I say and not as I do, eh?
  • shameless plug to the forums for more click baits. Hate the whole "Can't have ad blockers on" bit now too. rather just view it on my phone now, via Google Play Newstand
  • It was actually closed, but reopened
  • Thanks AC for this PSA.
  • This is what happens when you get participation trophies... 
  • Pure macroeconomics: steal and destroy in a store, there will be an insurance claim, policy rates will go up or store's deductibles will kick in. They will write off a loss, and have an additional reason not to reduce prices or actually increase them. I'm not talking about the effects of a single article on a particular store, but rather the macro effects on a large scale. In other words, our actions will affect all of us. Only ignorance, immaturity and stupidity will find these actions funny.
  • Exactly right. Just a few weeks ago, some guy was posting about how he got the LG G6 BOGO offer from T-Mobile. T-Mobile sent a prepaid card before the end of the return period, so he returned one of the devices and claimed he got it for free. I understand that people take advantage of mistakes alot (and they shouldn't), but to blatantly advertise the fact that he did got under my skin.
  • It sounds like a troll to me and you just fed him a meal of a lifetime...