Falcon Pro's Joaquim Verges

We've got a little treat for your podcasting pleasure this week. We've been inundated by holidays — both Canadian and American, plus one more that we're pretty sure Alex tried to make up and slip past us — so there's no live show this week. Instead, we're bringing you a sit-down with Joaquim Verges, developer of the excellent (and extremely popular) Twitter app Falcon Pro.

Find out where the app came from. Learn about its quick rise to becoming one of the top Android Twitter apps. And, yes, we cover how it became one of the first to hit (hard) against the new Twitter API rules that limit the number of users an app can have.

Mad props to Joaquim for hanging out with us. You can download Falcon Pro at getfalcon.pro, and find more info in Joaquim's announcement on Google+. Enjoy the podcast, and we'll be back on a regular schedule next week.


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