Does your Galaxy Note 8 show signs of lag?

If you're in the market for a big phone, one of your best bets is Samsung's Galaxy Note 8. The Note 8 is a behemoth, and along with its huge footprint, it offers one of the best AMOLED displays around, a dual-camera system, the iconic S Pen, and so much more.

The Note 8 is also packed to the gills with some of the fastest silicon currently available, but even with its Snapdragon 835 (or Exynos 8895) processor and 6GB of RAM, the Note 8 isn't impervious to Samsung's heavy software customizations that tend to slow its devices down after just a few months or weeks of use.

Some of our forum users have already started to experience varying degrees of degradation, saying:

During the phone call switching back to the homepage it almost froze. Had to end the call and restart the phone and everything went back to normal. It's only been 1 month. You guys have any problems yet?


I'm having a gallery lag where it will stutter opening and closing pics. Anyone have a solution to this?


With that said, most users seem to be quite happy with the Note 8's performance.

Nope, totally fine and smooth here, always. AND that's with being on the middle power save mode since day 1, which should cause more freeze ups because of the throttling of the CPU, but it's been perfect.


No lag issues, going on 2 months. I have however had a couple of instances where it seem like it wouldn't fast wired charge and I had to unplug it a couple times and plug it back in before it did it.

Gray Area

No lag issues here at all. I do utilize device maintenance and close apps frequently. I'll reboot phone as well, once a week probably. Same thing with my gear s3, tablet, surface, etc.


If you own Samsung's latest and greatest, we'd like to know – Have you experienced any lag with the Galaxy Note 8?

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