Does Tello support mobile hotspot?

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Best answer: Yes, Tello supports mobile hotspot use on any plan with data. Tello also shares your standard mobile data with hotspot usage.

Does Tello support mobile hotspot?

Tello is an excellent option for those looking for a cheap cell phone plan thanks to its low starting price and included fees, but it doesn't have as many features as some postpaid options. Luckily, Tello includes mobile hotspot support on any plan configuration by simply allowing you to share your data pool with mobile hotspot usage.

This also includes the unlimited data option though you need to keep an eye on your usage as your speeds will be severely limited at 25GB of use in your billing period. If you have a limited data plan, your data can roll over to the next month, so you may have more than your plan gives you when you use your hotspot.

Once you get your Tello SIM, setting up a mobile hotspot is as easy as entering your phone's settings and enabling the mobile hotspot feature. Some carriers and devices will refer to this as tethering. Depending on your device, tethering can also be used through USB, Bluetooth, or a USB Ethernet adapter.

A mobile hotspot is a great way to get your devices connected while you're on the go. For example, if you've decided to save some money on the Wi-Fi version of a tablet like the Galaxy Tab S7 FE, you can still connect to your phone's data because Tello does support mobile hotspot tethering.

While tethering can be great in a pinch if your primary internet connection goes out, it's not a suitable replacement for a home internet connection. Even high-end phones aren't designed for that workload and won't be as performant as a good 5G mobile hotspot.

Make sure you're covered

Tello Mobile LTE speed test results

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Tello's coverage uses the T-Mobile network for LTE and 5G. While T-Mobile's LTE is fast enough for most day-to-day usage, you'll likely get a much better experience with 5G. A dedicated mobile hotspot can use LTE for a very fast connection thanks to features like carrier aggregation, but your phone likely won't see these speeds.

5G, on the other hand, especially on T-Mobile, can deliver over 300Mbps with ease if you're one of the more than 165 million people covered by the Ultra Capacity 5G network.

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