Does Stadia support cross-platform play?

Stadia controller and monitor
Stadia controller and monitor (Image credit: Android Central)

Best answer: Yes, Stadia supports cross-platform play. However, Google has not specified which outside services or devices cross-platform will work with in the future.

What is cross-platform play?

As more services and platforms begin to offer the ability to play games with someone regardless of what system is used, it raises the question: Does Stadia support cross-platform play? For example, when your friend is using the new PlayStation 5, can you play along together using Stadia? Most games on consoles today only allow people to play against others using the same console, but cross-platform play between devices opens up a whole new world for players across the board.

Which devices will support cross-platform play with Stadia?

It's unknown if Stadia will support cross-play between consoles such as Xbox One X, PlayStation 5, or Nintendo Switch. Still, at the very least, it supports cross-play between Stadia-capable devices including the best Chromebooks, best Android phones, and Chromecast.

Will cross-platform play be available in every game?

At the moment, cross-platform isn't available on every game, or even in the best Stadia games, but Destiny 2 does offer cross-save, with cross-platform play coming in 2021. But Google appears to be working with developers to have this feature supported on as many games as possible. Even though Google is shutting down its in-house game development studio, the effort will be extended to working with third-party studios that much more.

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