Does the Galaxy S10 support Dual SIM?

Galaxy S10
Galaxy S10 (Image credit: Android Central)

Best answer: Yes, there is a version of the Galaxy S10 with dual SIM slots, but it's not sold officially in the U.S. The U.S. carrier models only feature a single SIM card slot, but you can buy the dual SIM variant unlocked on Amazon.

Dual SIM goodness: Samsung Galaxy S10 (unlocked) ($750 at Samsung)

The Galaxy S10 sold in the U.S. is a single SIM model

Want another line for your smartphone? That's where dual SIM comes in, although things get complicated if you want that on the new Galaxy S10.

There aren't many differences between the dual SIM and single SIM versions of the Galaxy S10. They both have the same specs, features, and design, but one can take an extra SIM card while the other can't. The dual SIM model is usually denoted by a DS following the model number, so it looks like this: SM-G973F/DS.

The single SIM model can take one nano-SIM card and one microSD card. The dual SIM model can take either two nano-SIM cards or one nano-SIM card and one microSD card. What you can't do is have two SIM cards and one microSD card in the same slot, so you'll have to determine your own usage patterns to figure out which one makes the most sense to buy.

You have to buy the global Galaxy S10 for dual SIM connectivity

Galaxy S10

Source: Android Central (Image credit: Source: Android Central)

It's worth repeating that none of the U.S. carrier models have dual SIM capabilities. That means if you're buying your Galaxy S10 directly from a carrier, you only get one SIM card slot. If you need two dedicated SIM slots you need to buy the international variant of the Galaxy S10 on Amazon.

The downside is that you lose out on local warranty, but you can still get the Galaxy S10 serviced should you run into any issues. Furthermore, the global Galaxy S10 is powered by Samsung's own Exynos 9820 chipset, whereas the U.S. version runs the Snapdragon 855. That said, both chipsets feature a similar design and have near-identical performance.

Looking for a new line for the secondary SIM card slot? We do want to point out one option for those who want dual SIM and travel a lot: Google Fi.

Google Fi is an excellent option for international travelers. It provides global LTE roaming in over 180 countries, and that 1GB of data costs $10 regardless of where you are in the world. As a bonus, you get free calls and texts. Other reasons to consider Google Fi include a low monthly cost, you don't pay for data you don't use, and account management is the easiest we've seen from any carrier.

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