Do you still use Android 11's chat bubbles?

Android 11 chat bubbles
Android 11 chat bubbles (Image credit: Joe Maring / Android 11)

Android 11 didn't have a lot of whiz-bang new features, but one that it brought to the masses certainly "popped" out, and that was Chat Bubbles. The first implementation of the Chat Bubbles concept was introduced a while ago by Facebook with its Messenger app, and Google even teased it in the Android 10 beta previews, but it didn't fully ship as a system-level feature until Android 11.

Most people either love Chat Bubbles or hate them. Personally, I thought they were quirky and fun at first, but I quickly found them distracting and turned them off. Still, others either don't know how to use chat bubbles at all or have sporadic luck with them, even with Google-made messaging apps on Google-made devices like the Pixel 5.

Is it just me or is everyone else not getting chat bubbles in the google messages app on their Pixel 5? I've tried everything and still nothing. I know it works in the beta app but I don't want to be in beta. Help!


Works for me. I keep it disabled but just checked and it still works.


I got them. Turned them right off, couldn't stand them.


Well, just out of curiosity, are you enrolled in the Google Messages beta program? Because if you’re not, you won’t get the chat bubble unfortunately. Only the beta program has The chat bubbles enabled. On my pixel 5, chat bubbles work beautiful!


I think Google posted that it was rolling out to everyone a few months ago, and put the option in Settings. But it seems like it never really rolled out to everyone yet, still seems to be stuck in beta for some reason. Kind of like Assistant Driving Mode, they said that was rolling out in November and it's still not available to everyone.


We want to hear from you — Do you still use Android 11's chat bubbles? Why or why not?

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