Do you plan on buying the Galaxy Fold 2?

Samsung Galaxy Fold
Samsung Galaxy Fold (Image credit: Android Central)

We're getting closer and closer to Samsung's virtual Unpacked event, which is taking place on August 5. It's expected that Samsung will announce a slew of new products, one of which being the highly-anticipated Galaxy Fold 2.

Expectations for the Fold 2 are high, with the latest rumors suggesting that we'll get faster performance, a larger cover display, and a considerably smaller notch/cutout on the inner screen.

Looking through the AC forums, some of our members are already quite excited about the new phone.

I might go for this one over Note 20 this time !!!


phone looks promising. I might even consider it, depending on the price.

me just saying

I hope Samsung can eventually get the S Pen to work with flexible displays. Fold 2 with S Pen would be a dream!


What say you? Do you plan on buying the Galaxy Fold 2?

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  • The specs look great? Yep a foldable tablet phone. Looks very interesting. Also, the 865+processer & 120hz display!
  • Bendy parts nahh no dice for me. The less moving parts the better.
  • No!
    I will buy a Duo or stick with my V60 and Second Screen Case until Duo V2 is launched.
  • I was leaning very hard towards the Duo but as I've seen more of the Fold 2 I just think that the form factor better serves my needs. The two big items are the unbroken large screen for media consumption and not having to have the device open to take a phone call. It just seems more convenient.