Warning: theme will not make phone waterproof

Pixar is diving back into the world of Finding Nemo with a new film about everyone's favorite absent-minded Royal Blue Tang, Dory. She has short-term memory loss, which obviously presents a lot of challenges to her everyday life. And while fish can't use smartphones, I think we have a Finding Dory theme that would be perfect for her situation. As someone who forgets a lot of things, Google Keep is my friend, and I know it'd be Dory's friend too.

We're gonna use not one but two Google Keep widgets, both because it means we can see more notes and because with two smaller widgets, we'll get a yellow bar at the top of the widget that matches Dory better than the bland white bar on a single wider widget. Here's what we're gonna need:

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Set your wallpaper

  1. Download Just Keep Swimming wallpaper and Finding Dory icon.
  2. Long-press on your home screen and tap Wallpapers to set our new wallpaper.
  3. Whicons to the rescue again Pick image to navigate to wherever you saved the Just Keep Swimming Wallpaper and select it.
  4. Make sure image is centered and Set wallpaper.
  5. Open Nova Settings > Look & feel.
  6. In Icon theme, select Whicons.
  7. Return to the home screen.
  8. Long-press the app drawer shortcut.
  9. Edit the shortcut.
  10. Tap the icon to edit it.
  11. Select an icon from Gallery apps.
    Set your custom app drawer icon
  12. Select an icon from Documents.
  13. Navigate to the Finding Dory icon you downloaded in step one and select it.
  14. Make sure the preview box covers the entire logo and set by selecting Done.
  15. Confirm the changes by selecting Done.
  16. Long-press home screen and add a Widget.
  17. Scroll to Keep and press and hold a Google Keep 3x2 widget.
  18. Drag and drop to place the widget in the top-left corner of your home screen.
    Keep up with these Google Keep widget
  19. Select All from the list of labels in Keep you want the widget to display. If you have multiple Google accounts on your device, you'll also have to select which account you want it to pull from.
  20. Long-press widget to bring up menu, and select Resize.
  21. Drag the right edge of the widget to be in the middle of the screen.
  22. Add another 3x2 Google Keep widget to the right side of your screen. If it wants to move your first Keep widget out the way, put your second Keep widget in the bottom right corner of the screen, resize it, and then drag it into its final place.
  23. Long-press and Resize Keep widget to make the widget fit on the right half of the screen next to the first Google Keep widget.

Nothing like a good widget that will blend right into a good theme.

Now, we've got a lovely material design music widget that we can customize to match our Dory theme, but if you aren't keen on KWGT, you could also just add a clear Jack's Music Widget (Free, $1.99) to the bottom of the screen and move on to the sounds.

Dory-colored music widget

Add the actual widget to your home screen

  1. Long-press home screen and add a Widget.
  2. Scroll to KWGT and press and hold a KWGT 2x2 widget.
  3. Drag and drop to place the widget on the bottom of your home screen.
  4. Long-press widget to bring up menu, and select Resize.
  5. Drag the edges of the widget to cover the bottom two rows of your home screen.
  6. Tap widget to configure it.
    Selecting your komponent
  7. Open a blank widget template by selecting the blank sheet of paper icon in the top bar of the preset screen.
  8. Add a item by selecting the plus icon in the top right corner of the editor.
  9. Select Komponent from the item type list.
  10. Select Material Music Komponent app from the Komponent list.
  11. Select the actual Material Music Komponent komponent from the Material Music Komponent list.
  12. Tap the Material Music Komponent to edit it.
  13. Select the Position tab of the editor.
    Correcting the size and positioning of the komponent
  14. Change Anchor from Center to Bottom.
  15. Change the YOffset from 180 to 0.
  16. Go back to the root level of the editor.
  17. Select the Layer tab of the editor.
  18. Adjust the Scale of the Material Music Komponent up/down so the edges of the komponent are at the edges of the widget's bounding box. Note: if your widget is too short and you need to exit the editor in order to make it taller, SAVE BEFORE EXITING THE EDITOR, or you'll have to start over from Step 6 upon returning to the home screen.
  19. Color your widget Return to the Items tab of the editor.
  20. Tap the Material Music Komponent to edit it.
  21. Set the top color to #FF4683EC.
  22. Set the bot color to #FF3F51B5.
  23. Set the acc color to #FFFFBB00.
  24. Set the txt color to #FFFFFFFF.
  25. Set the txtacc color to #FFEEEEEE.
  26. Set the bar color to #FF000000.
  27. Set the ctrl color to #FFFFFFFF.
  28. Save the widget with the floppy disk icon in the top bar of the editor.
  29. Return to the home screen to see your widget in action.

Somewhere beyond the sea... this theme's waiting for thee...

Whether you are crossing oceans or just crossing town to hit the beach, this theme will be here to remind you of what you forget and hopefully get a new song stuck in your head so Just Keep Swimming finally gets out of it. And if you're swimming over to the theater for Finding Dory tonight, save me some popcorn!