Discord is being deeply integrated into the Game Launcher on Galaxy phones

What you need to know

  • Samsung and Discord have announced a new partnership.
  • Discord features are being integrated into the Game Launcher app on Galaxy phones.
  • This includes being able to see your Discord friends' gaming status, an option to join voice chats, and more.

Discord has gained massive popularity over the last couple of years as the go-to app for gaming-related chats, and now, the company is partnering with Samsung to deeply integrate its services on Galaxy handsets.

Announced in a press release sent out on September 4, Discord announced that it's baking some of its features into the Game Launcher app found on Galaxy phones.

With this integration, you'll be able to see your Discord friends' gaming status via the Game Launcher, along with an option to instantly join voice chats through a new Discord overlay. On that note, Discord does say that the voice chat overlay feature requires the Discord mobile app to be installed and linked with your Samsung account.

Commenting on the news, Discord CEO Jason Citron said:

Everyone who plays online games has a mobile phone in their pocket and there's a really good chance that phone is made by Samsung. Partnering with Samsung means we can make it even easier to see what games your Discord friends are playing or even jump into voice chat directly from the Samsung Game Launcher.

The new features should be rolling out now, so make sure to keep your Discord and Game Launcher apps updated to ensure you can start using them ASAP.

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