Android 7.0

Android 7.0 is coming. Whether it hits soon, as rumors suggest, or we have to wait until September when LG releases the V20, it will be here soon. And that means a lot of work and energy drinks for the people getting their Android apps ready for the big changes.

While we don't have many visual or design changes with Android N, the changes done under-the-hood are pretty major. This is possibly the biggest Android update since Froyo, with a focus on streamlining everything from the development process to the user experience — all with security features in mind. Of course, that means to offer the best user experience from your app you'll have to spend the time to integrate some of the new features. Fun times.

Whether you're working with a media app and using Picture-in-Picture or Live TV Recording (please, my credit card is ready) or getting ready to offer your users the best damn notifications on the planet, we're interested in what you're doing! Take a minute to hit the poll so we (and everyone — Android is all about the apps) know what to expect.

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