Following its debut on the Galaxy S8/S8+ at the beginning of the year, the general consensus for Samsung's Bixby virtual assistant is that it's a poor man's version of Google Assistant. Bixby had a rocky release thanks to the delayed launch of Bixby Voice a few months after the S8 line hit the market in the U.S., but now that it's been out for a hot minute and people are actually getting to use it, opinions seem to be changing.

One user posted a question in our forums asking whether or not people are actually using Bixby since it doesn't seem to be on the same fluidity level of Google Assistant, and a lot of Bixby users were quick to respond with their thoughts on the AI.

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Spoiler alert, most of them are very positive.

A lot of our users agreed that, while Bixby isn't perfect, it does have certain strengths over Google Assistant with more device-specific actions.


Been using it for months with the S8+. Best to think of it as a different tool from Google Assistant, not as a replacement.


Bixby. although it is somewhat a clone to what the google assistant is, it trumps and does a LOT more than was Google assistant, or even Siri can do. think of it as a bit of Tasker, mixed with an assistant, that doesn't need full root permissions. From custom commands to full contextual actions. It's good for what it is, but you just have to talk to your phone a lot... I'm a doer, so i usually do...


Think of it this way. Bixby can control your entire device. Google Assistant can search everything and provide information. Best of both worlds.


However, there are still some situations where Google Assistant takes the upper hand


The only thing I want to talk to my phone to do is make calls and send text messages. Bixby wants to force me to use the stock messaging app, Google Assistant let's me use whatever texting app I want to use. So until Samsung gets off their high horse and allows bixby to work with third party texting apps I'll stick with Google Assistant. I use a package disabler to disable bixby, specially...


Now, we want to passs the question on to you – If you've used Bixby, what are your thoughts on the assistant at this point in time?

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