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PSA: Dell Streak still locked to AT&T when you purchase it off contract

The Dell Streak, the new not-quite-a-phone-but-not-quite-a-tablet-either from AT&T is finally here. We've already detailed the pricing and some of the features and specs of this odd little device, but there's a little point worth remembering. Even if you purchase the Streak off contract, it's still going to be locked to AT&T. You'll be buying it unsubsidized, not unlocked. And that's true of any other phone on AT&T -- or any other carrier, for that matter. 

Google tried to do something about this with the Nexus One, starting it out available off or on contract with T-Mobile 3G bands, and later releasing one compatible with AT&T 3G. Of course, Google's web store is no more, so that put a stop to that.

The Streak has enough problems without being tied to a single carrier for wireless service. The thing is too big to be a phone, too small to be an effective tablet, and it's running Android 1.6. When it does finally get Android 2.2, it's very possible that Gingerbread will be out

  • Dell needs to stop trying to be Apple and worry about making good computers rather than trying to get their hands in everything. Dell just doesn't get it and probably never will. And they have a long way to go on the computer front as their stuff has always been utter junk. Nice to see phones are no exception.
  • Dude your getting a dell!
    Not really but i thought it was funny
    Why are they still releasing phones with 1.6 seems like a waste
  • I don't care much for Apple, but if I had $549 to spend, I'd get an iPad and use my Nexus One as a hotspot, then I might have the best of both worlds, not a 2-in-1 wanabe that's too big to carry and too small to use as a reader...and LOCKED to AT&T.
  • Well, why wouldn't it be? Was this post just a friendly reminder?