Dell Streak may hit AT&T 'any day now'

The Samsung Captivate may not be the only major Android phone to hit AT&T this month. Engadget is speculating that the Dell Streak may hit stores "any day now." (Which is close to BGR's rumored July 19 date.) The speculation comes from the fact that new kiosks are being installed by contractors in a very secret manner. 

The Dell Streak is a 5-inch phone/tablet hybrid that has been overseas for a little while now. While it is being released disappointingly with Android 1.6, Dell has confirmed that 2.2 is in the "near future." [Engadget]

Sean Brunett
  • Heavily researched it; too little to late, AT&T. I'm already gone to Big Red. Dell also believes their custom overlay at launch already makes it "almost" as good as Froyo. I doubt they will support the device with OTA updates with the speed/regularity the android community deserves. I know its already been rooted, but I shouldn't have to climb the mountain to receive basic support. For me, the size is a non-issue and I was absolutely prepared to use the device as my primary phone. Oh, and no homescreen in portrait mode (though some have created modified portrait screens that, "get the job done").
  • Not being a jerk or anything, just informing you but if you did your research you would have also seen the plethora of people using an app called ADW (sp?) Launcher on the device, looks amazing when you flip it in portrait.
  • Have to agree here. It's not an iPhone. Don't like the default launcher/home screen layout? replace it.
  • Oh man have been waiting for this phone for ages.
    I wish it comes on T-Mobile also or the unlocked version is Tmobile compatible
  • Too big to be a phone, too small to be a tablet.