Dell Streak gets official announcement & specs

After what felt like years of speculation, the Dell Streak is officially official. As in Dell has announced it and it's coming to O2 in the U.K. in early June and the US later this summer (likely AT&T). The announcement is completely in line with what Dell CEO Michael Dell told us a couple weeks back and the specs are similar to all the leaked info we've seen in the past months. But there's nothing like a good 'ol press release to put the final stamp on it.

The official specs of the Dell Streak:

  • 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor
  • 5-inch WVGA capacitive touchscreen
  • 5-megapixel camera with LED Flash
  • 16GB internal memory with microSD support
  •  Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth 2.1
  • 7.2 Mbps HSDPA
  • launching with Android 1.6, update to Android 2.2 by end of the year

The only thing we don't have is pricing, and we hope Dell doesn't mess it up. All you folks across the pond will find the Streak available online and in stores from O2, Carphone Warehouse, and Us Americans have to wait just a little bit longer. Thanks Dell. [businesswire]

  • Wow, Android 1.6 really? Why would they not run at least 2.1 then 2.2 by the end of the year? Lame decision by Dell.
  • 1.6? thats like shooting granny style at the freethrow line and trying to go pro. no thank you Dell...
  • I thought they had a phone for TMO and ATT pass through FCC. I would hope this phone is on TMO. The problem we all know is that just because they say end of year for 2.2 doesn't mean it won't be pushed back until June 11 because of more testing. Also as we are finding out from the Samsung behold 2 people if this phone isn't sucessful then Dell will leave it on 1.6 and be done with it.
  • 5 inches. I wonder if that has passed the great size versus too big threshold. The Evo is 4.3, is that about as big as a phone should be? What do you guys think on the size. Would 5" be just over the top?
  • I just wish ATT would get something besides the Flip, I am so ready to get off BB!!!!!!!! Hopefully soon!
  • Way too big. The Evo 4G is pushing it, but a full five inches will be inconvenient. Imagine how bulky this thing will be once you get it in a case. I'd feel like I was holding an iPad to the side of my head. The 1.6 thing is worrisome, too, especially if it does come to AT&T. Anyone who's used a BB on AT&T (any other neglected Bold 9000 users out there?) knows the pain of waiting for ages for software upgrades.
  • I've been waiting for this devise to come out but after seeing the specs I guess I'll be gettin the EVO. I just hope 4G comes to Vail soon.
  • 1.6 must be a joke for a phone with these specs. But 5 inches seems great for me - the bigger the better as far as I am concerned, as long as it fits in my front pocket.
  • wow, 1.6? Is this some kind of sick joke? Seriously, who makes these kinds of crazy decisions? Let's give them a top shelf phone loaded with ancient software. Great.
  • 1.6 is a fail. "By the end of the year" for 2.2 should be looked at extremely cautiously given the amount of time it has taken other handset makers to push Android updates to phones running a skinned version, like the Streak. If this thing came out of the box with 2.2 and hence flash support (actually utilizing that huge screen) this would woo me away from the Evo. As it is, guess I'll be introducing myself to Sprint.
  • Well it looks ok. Where is the search button? 1.6 is a bit of a drag but its not like it won't get root in a week. 5 inch screen is nice but with that and a snapdragon how long will it hold a charge. Plus we all know AT&T likes to labotomize their phones. so I don't think its enough to get me to leave Verizon.
  • lol @ 1.6, 5 inch screen is likely too big for me but coming with 1.6 is the major deal breaker.
  • UH, I'll wait for more testing. I'll stick with my BB. Besides, I'm with Verizon with no plans of leaving. If I decide to withdraw from my crackberry, then I will go to the Incredible.