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Dell Mini 3i Gets Captured in Clear Pictures

We probably will never sniff the Dell Mini 3i aka dellphone here in the states because it rocks TD-SCDMA, which is China-only and runs the Android-based Ophone OS, which is also China-only. Why these decisions were made is beyond us but we're still interested in the progress of a dellphone so it's worthwhile to take a look at the latest leaked pictures.

In our opinion, the Dell Mini 3i hardware looks very much like the Palm Pre--it has a very nature-ish, pebble-like shape. Software side, the Ophone OS looks to borrow heavily from the iPhone with huge, press-able icons. We're actually pretty impressed with the hardware, which just drives us more crazy.

Can anyone from Dell explain why this isn't coming to the US?

[via gizmodo]

hit the jump to see more pictures of the Dell Mini 3i Android Phone

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