Deal: Save BIG when you buy the LG G7 from Sprint or Verizon!

If you're in the market to pick up a shiny new LG G7, look no further than these awesome deals from Sprint and Verizon. Sprint users can snag one G7 and get another device free, while Verizon is offering $100 off and up to 50% off with a trade-in.


When you order the LG G7 on Flex Lease, you'll get another LG G7 FlexLease free.

  • This deal requires a new line of service activation and an 18-month lease. Well-qualified customers are eligible.
  • At the end of the 18-month lease, you have the option to buy your devices. You'll pay the balance between the full price and what you've paid so far.
  • There are taxes on any device you go with and you'll have to pay that up front regardless.
  • If you cancel your service, the remaining device balance will become due.

Sprint's Unlimited Freedom Plan

If you're looking to pair up your new phone with a plan, Sprint's Unlimited Freedom is one of the cheapest on the market with 4 lines for $25/mo per line and 5th line free (until 06/30/19), with autopay. Plus Hulu is now included!

  • Unlimited talk, text, and data. Once you've reached 23GB of data, your speeds may temporarily slow down during times of high network congestion.
  • HD video, 1080p
  • 10GB of 4G mobile hotspot

See at Sprint


Purchase the LG G7 with a new monthly device payment activation and get up to $399 off (50% off) with eligible trade-in applied over 24 months.

  • Purchase of new phone must be on an installment plan
  • Deal credit is applied via 24 monthly bill credits and starts within two bills. To get the full value, you will need to stay on your installment payment plan for the full 24 months.
  • Activation fee of $25/line applies
  • Requires a new line of service to qualify
  • If you cancel service, the full balance is due
  • This deal excludes device's sales taxes

See at Verizon

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  • Weird that you left out T-MOBILE, they have the BOGO offer on LG G7 as well.
  • Sprint does not require an new line with their promo. The BOGO works with 2 upgrades just fine.
  • A few things. Best Buy also has $300 off. And your Verizon prices are wrong. It's $750 retail, so the 50% deal equals $375 saved/paid. And it's $30 for device activation.
  • If anyone cares at this point: I bought from Verizon this weekend. Their deal is $100 off $750 = $650. Then you can get $375 for some trades. I traded in my G6 and got the G7 for $275 after all was said and done. Not bad considering I bought the G6 for $200 used. Plus the $30 activation fee, of course.
  • Kiss all the TMO promos goodbye. With just 3 carriers, competition will end.