Deal: Get 4 lines of unlimited data on MetroPCS for $100 out-the-door

Best MetroPCS Phones
Best MetroPCS Phones

MetroPCS is currently offering 4 lines of unlimited talk, text, and data for $100/month with all taxes and fees included. To sweeten the deal, they are also offering free phones for each line of service (minus sales tax). While they may not be top-tier devices, you can still get a MetroPCS plan on the cheap without having to worry about shelling out even more for devices as well.

Here are the devices you can get as part of the promotion:

Sales tax on free devices are not included. Requires port-in of eligible wireless number not currently active on T-Mobile network.

Here's what you'll get with MetroPCS Unlimited data plan:

  • Unlimited talk, text and 4G LTE data (users of more than 35GB in a month may notice temporary reduction in speeds during times of high network traffic)
  • Coverage on T-Mobile's network
  • Video streaming at SD quality (480p)
  • Mobile hotspots (tethering) is not included

Special note on 4/$100: Requires activation of new line of service to be eligible. If new line deactivates, ALL lines lose promotional rate

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