The suggested retail price for Google's base model Pixelbook is $999, but after a little more than a month on the shelves the convertible saw a holiday discount to $899 and a free Google Home from certain retailers. Early adopters who bought the device in the first few weeks may be in luck, depending on where they purchased it.

Some retailers have been issuing refunds for the $100 (plus sales tax) difference between the MSRP and holiday pricing. I spoke with the customer support team at my local Best Buy, and they refunded the $107 difference back to my debit card and let me grab a free Google Home off the shelf. Some users had to escalate the situation to Best Buy's phone support but were able to get the credit and Google Home in the end.

Those that bought the Pixelbook from other retailers have not been so lucky. Reddit user fizzysota purchased their Pixelbook from the Google Store, and was told they would have to return the device for the original $999 price and re-order it at the $899 price. Other users that bought the device from Amazon had similar results.

Were you able to get a partial refund on your Pixelbook? Let us know down below!