D-Link's new mesh routers have WPA3 and Wi-Fi 6 for $100

D-Link COVR mesh router
D-Link COVR mesh router (Image credit: D-Link)

What you need to know

  • D-Link's new Wi-Fi 6 product line offers piecemeal and complete packages, ranging from $100 to $280.
  • Each pricepoint ups the specs, offering great options for less money.
  • D-Link is utilizing the new EasyMesh system from the Wi-Fi Alliance, making mesh network troubleshooting a thing of the past.

D-Link has always specialized in offering something for everyone, from affordable, simple routers to high-performance gaming and streaming solutions. The official launch of the new Wi-Fi 6 standard has brought plenty of new products with it, and D-Link is using CES 2020 to launch several new routers with Wi-Fi 6 capability. Starting at $120, the new Smart AX Mesh routers offer powerful Wi-Fi 6 connectivity with the security of the new WPA3 wireless encryption standard.

D-Link is providing a piecemeal solution for folks that just need a router, or in homes where an additional Wi-Fi range extender might offer the most simple and cost-effective solution you need. It can also be used to further extend any one of D-Link's existing mesh Wi-Fi systems without the need for complicated configuration thanks to the implementation of the Wi-Fi Alliance's new EasyMesh technology. For homes that don't already have a mesh system, or if you're just looking to upgrade to a W-Fi 6-grade mesh network, D-Link's new COVR whole-home mesh system for $269 is what you're looking for.

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D-Link has also overhauled its parental controls and features a simple interface that allows parents to create profiles for each family member, including the ability to assign devices to specific profiles and usage schedules. Aside from enhanced WPA3 wireless encryption for security, D-Link also offers deep compatibility with Alexa or Google Assistant and IFTTT. The D-Link Wi-Fi app even includes simple chat support when you need a little help, which solves the age-old problem of not knowing how to get everything working best. Availability and pricing for each new D-Link networking product as follows:

  • AC1900 Scalable Mesh Wi-Fi Router (COVR-1900-US), Q1 2020, $119.99
  • AC1750Mesh Wi-Fi Router (DIR-1750-US), Q1 2020, $99.99
  • AC1900 Mesh Wi-Fi Router (DIR-1950-US), Q1 2020, $119.99
  • AC1750 Mesh Wi-Fi Range Extender (DAP-1755-US), Q1 2020, $99.99
  • AC1950 Mesh Wi-Fi Range Extender (DAP-1955-US), Q1 2020, $109.99
  • Smart AX1500 Mesh Wi-Fi 6 Router (DIR-X1560-US), Q1 2020, $119.99
  • Smart AX1800 Mesh Wi-Fi 6 Router (DIR-X1870-US), Q2 2020, $139.99
  • Smart AX2400 Mesh Wi-Fi 6 Router (DIR-X2460-US), Q3 2020, $159.99
  • Smart AX5400 Mesh Wi-Fi 6 Router (DIR-X5460-US), Q1 2020, $279.99
  • AX1800 Mesh Wi-Fi 6 Range Extender (DAP-X1870-US), Q2 2020, $129.99
  • AX1800 Whole Home Mesh System (COVR-X1872-US), QX22020, $269.99
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