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Nanoleaf makes some of the best smart lights around, and almost every Nanoleaf shape is on sale ahead of the biggest shopping day of the year. No matter which Nanoleaf shape is the best for your home, you can finally get a great price on what are some of the most expensive smart lights in the market thanks to these Cyber Monday deals.

All Nanoleaf shapes work with the Nanoleaf app and can be deeply tied into your smart home. These lights can all be paired with your favorite virtual assistant and can be used in conjunction with any routines you might have created for your home. You can even bring individual color palettes and animations into the mix, creating unique colors for every routine.

If you don't yet have a Nanoleaf Smarter Kit, you'll want to start there. Each Smarter Kit — a cute play on words for a starter kit — comes with a light controller, plug, and several different pieces that can be snapped together to create larger, unique shapes. Many shapes can be interchanged thanks to a universal connector that Nanoleaf uses, so pick up a few Smarter Kits if you're really feeling fancy.

Nanoleaf Shapes Triangles

Nanoleaf Triangle Smarter Kit | Save $30

Triangles were the original Nanoleaf shape and, despite being around for several years, are still one of the most popular shapes Nanoleaf makes. These fill in from the middle and create brilliant colors in any configuration. Comes with 7 triangle panels to get you started.

Nanoleaf Mini Triangles

Nanoleaf Mini Triangles Smarter Kit | Save $20

Nanoleaf's Mini Triangles kit, as the name suggests, is quite a bit smaller than its other designs. This starter kit comes with 5 mini triangle panels which, admittedly, won't do much for your decor by itself. If you're just looking to add more variety to your existing Nanoleaf setup, pick up the expansion pack of mini triangles, instead, which come with 10 mini triangles for the same price as this kit.

Nanoleaf Shapes

Nanoleaf Hexagon Smarter Kit | Save $30

While you could make a hexagon out of a few triangles, why not just get the hexagons and make a larger canvas, instead? This Nanoleaf shape makes it easy to spread the light along a wall thanks to the size of the hexagons. Comes with 7 hexagon panels to get you started.

$170 at Best Buy
Nanoleaf Elements

Nanoleaf Elements Wood Look Smarter Kit | Save $70

Nanoleaf Elements Wood Look is the start of a new more natural line from Nanoleaf, taking the hexagon shape that people love and adding a bit of nature to the mix. To better accentuate the less-techy look, these lights are backlit instead of front-lit, making them give off a lovely homey glow instead of drenching your living room in neon. They still support rhythm syncing and touch, too, meaning you won't be missing out on some of the coolest Nanoleaf features. Comes with 7 wood panels to get you started.

Nanoleaf Essentials Smart Rgb Lightstrip

Nanoleaf Essentials light strip | Save $10

LED light strips seem a bit boring for a company like Nanoleaf, but these LED light strips can be easily placed around the room or behind furniture to complete your accent lighting and tie directly in with your Nanoleaf routines for a more cohesive look around your room. This pack comes with a 2m light strip.

$40 at Best Buy
Nanoleaf Essentials 3 Pack Bulbs

Nanoleaf Essentials 3-pack A19 bulbs | Save $10

Just like the LED strips above, these seemingly boring light bulbs become anything but ordinary with Nanoleaf's software. Screw a few into your normal light fixtures and watch the magic happen.

$40 at Best Buy

Once you have a Smarter Kit, you can always purchase additional extension kits for that same shape or, for shapes like hexagons and triangles, mix and match shapes to your liking. Not every shape can be interchanged, so be sure to check before buying. Adding in new shapes is normally as easy as snapping it in and opening the app to customize your colors.

Nanoleaf Hexagon Expansion Pack

Nanoleaf Hexagon expansion pack | Save $15

Add a few hexagons to your existing Hexagon, Triangle, or Mini Triangle Smarter Kits. Comes with 3 hexagons in the box.

Nanoleaf Triangles Expansion Pack

Nanoleaf Triangles expansion pack | Save $15

Add a few more triangles to your existing Triangle, Hexagon, or Mini Triangle Smarter Kits with this 3-pack.

Nanoleaf Shapes Mini Triangles

Nanoleaf Mini Triangles expansion pack | Save $20

This 10-pack of mini triangles will help break up those larger shapes and give you a bit more leeway to make unique larger shapes, as well. Pair with an existing Mini Triangle, Triangle, or Hexagon set.

$100 at Best Buy
Nanoleaf Elements Wood Expansion Pack

Nanoleaf Elements Wood Look expansion pack | Save $20

This 3-pack of Wood Look hexagons can only be used with an existing Elements Wood Look Smarter Kit.

$80 at Amazon

Where will the best Cyber Monday Nanoleaf Deals be?

Amazon and Best Buy are the two best places to buy Nanoleaf products. Both retailers are offering the same sales right now, although some products can only be found at one of the two big retailers. Best Buy also has a few connectors and other interchangeable parts that Amazon doesn't seem to keep regularly stocked, so it's probably best to check Best Buy first.

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