CyanogenMod coming to the Galaxy S 2, thanks to Samsung

Atinm, the developer responsible for maintaining CyanogenMod on the Samsung Vibrant and Captivate, recently received a free Galaxy S 2 to develop for. (click to see our hands-on).  Don't adjust your screens, you read it right the first time: Samsung gave a phone to a CyanogenMod developer because they want them to work with it.

It seems that Samsung is starting to see the value of having an active development community on their devices, becoming the latest manufacturer to start working with these developers instead of against them.  This doesn't mean Samsung will do this with every device, remember Carrier's have a big say in how locked down they want their devices to be, but it's great to see these first few positive steps from one of the world's largest Android manufacturers.

No official word on when nightlies for the Galaxy S 2 will start pushing out (let alone a stable release), but Atinm mentioned that serious development should start tonight.

Via: [Twitter]