Cowin E7 vs. Mpow H19 IPO: Which headphones should you buy?

Mpow H19 IPO
Mpow H19 IPO (Image credit: Mpow)

Mpow H19 IPO

Mpow H19 IPO

The Mpow H19 IPO have a nice design and even better features inside like Bluetooth 5.0 and quick charging. Add in solid noise cancelation as well as great battery life and you have a great set of headphones at an affordable price.

Mpow H19 IPO

Showing its Mpow(er)

Excellent noise cancelation for the price
Quick charging
Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
The headband doesn't have much adjustment
Earpads a bit stiff
Only available in black


Cowin E7 Green

The Cowin E7 have been one of the best headphones in this price point for years, and while these are still a good choice, their age is starting to show. The design is getting a bit long in the tooth, and there are better technologies that could be implemented.


The stalwart

NFC pairing option
Good battery life
Quality noise cancellation
Multiple color choices
Dated design
Long charge times
Buttons feel a bit cheap

Mpow and Cowin both make some of the most popular Bluetooth headphones at very attractive prices. With only a few dollars separating these two headphones, it can be challenging to decipher which option is the one to buy. Aside from the slight price discrepancy, there are a few other details that lie beneath the surface that separate one from the other.

What are the differences between the Cowin E7 and Mpow H19 IPO?

When looking at these two headphones side by side, there are a lot going for each of them. With pricing between these two so close, it takes a bit of digging to see their differences.

Let's start with the first big difference, the style of the headphones. While the appeal of how something looks is subjective to each person, the Cowin headphones design is starting to look a bit dated. This make sense considering the E7 have been out since 2015. This doesn't diminish the quality of these headphones, but it does mean there are some technologies missing that the Mpow cans have.

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Header Cell - Column 0 Cowin E7Mpow H19 IPO
Active Noise Cancelation✔️✔️
Noise Reduction Depth28db22db
ConnectivityBluetooth 4.0NFC3.5mm jackBluetooth 5.03.5mm jack
Sound40mm large-aperture drivers40mm large-aperture drivers
Battery30 hours35 hours
Quick Charge Capable✔️

One of the bigger points of difference is the inclusion of Bluetooth 5.0 in the Mpox H19 IPO. While Bluetooth 4.0 that Cowin employs does a fine job, there are some real benefits to the upgraded option on the Mpow headphones. First off, 5.0 has lower power consumption. Due to the less power-hungry standard for Mpow, the headphones only need a 500mAh battery as opposed to the 750mAh in the E7. This is a big reason that the H19 IPO headphones are lighter — that smaller battery cell shaves off an ounce or so itself. Bluetooth 5.0 also brings a more significant connection distance to the device.

Even though the Mpow headphones have a significantly smaller battery, they still have the same, and in some cases, better battery life.

One of the other very useful features in the table above is the quick charging capability in the H19 IPOs. Thanks to this technology, you'll be able to get up to two hours of listening from your headphones with only 10 minutes of charging. So even if you're in a rush to head out of the house, you can plug up your Mpow headphones for just a few minutes, and you'll get some decent usage time from them.

Both Cowin and Mpow have speakers that employ 40mm drivers to deliver quality audio for the price. To go with the sounds you hear, each also offers active noise cancelation (ANC) to help drown out the sounds you don't want to hear. Each headphone brings a good amount of reduction to the ambient noise, with Mpow eeking out a 22db rating rather than the 28db with Cowin. While it isn't a huge difference, if you want the most noise reduction for your headphones, the Cowin will get you a bit more.

Cowin E7

Source: Cowin (Image credit: Source: Cowin)

A nice feature that isn't found on the Mpow H19 IPOs is NFC. Cowin included this useful piece of tech in the headphones to assist in pairing with your devices. Both headphones can be paired using the typical Bluetooth method, but being able to tap your NFC-enabled device to the headphones makes the process easy.

You'll also find the option for analog connection with a 3.5mm audio jack on each of the headphones — for those devices that still have them to connect to. Each of these Bluetooth headphones also has a microphone for taking calls. Mpow has improved its microphone technology to give a better focus on voice, which could be very useful to some.

So, should you buy the Cowin E7 or the Mpow H19 IPO headphones?

Mpow H19 IPO

Source: Mpow (Image credit: Source: Mpow)

Both of these headphones are regularly found at under the $50 mark, and both have a good track record of being a solid pair of Bluetooth headphones. However, the aging design and lack of updated tech in the Cowin E7s gives the edge to Mpow H19 IPO in this match up. Bluetooth 5.0 brings some very real benefits to the user in more stable connections, less power usage that saves on the battery size as well as weight, and also a better connection at longer distances.

Mpow does have a more sleek design to its headphones, but if you don't want another pair of black headphones — Cowin E7s come in seven different color choices. Cowin has had a winner in the E7 for years, and they are still a reliable pair of headphones. However, the NFC that is included isn't enough to beat out the quick charging, lighter weight, and better Bluetooth in the Mpow H19 IPOs.

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