Could this be the Motorola Xoom 2?

A couple of days ago we saw what appeared to be a Motorola 7-inch tablet in the wild and that may very well be the case but some more new images have now popped up of the purported Motorola Xoom 2 aka MZ617.

According to the information, this device will be the same weight as the original Motorola Xoom (Really Motorola?) and looks to have a 10.1-inch screen. Other notable features include HDMI out, a microUSB port, SIM slot, front and rear cameras with the rear camera getting an HD stamp beside it.

Oddly missing however is any noticeable SD Card slot along with any specific carrier branding. Styling wise, we're seeing the same angled corners as in the previously leaked Motorola tablet and of course just like those found on the Motorola Photon. What do you all think? Is this MZ617 the same as what was previously leaked only in a different color or does Motorola have two new tablets in the works here? Backside image can be found past the break.

Source: Droid-Life

  • Ooh, it should be a bargain. I bet only $200 higher than all the other tablets.
  • That's pretty sad, the first has been out for what maybe 6 months.
  • well, i doubt we'll see this in stores in the next 3 months, thats about how long it took to bring thr Droid 3 after the Droid 2 came out, and thats longer then the vigor if they name it the Thunderbolt 2, and the Revolution 2 (possibly), and possibly the next samsung Droid after the charge
  • Not even trying Motorola. Couldnt make it lighter at all?
  • I really hope this won't look anything like the end product. Motorola's products look so bland and boring; Bionic, X2, etc.
  • I'll hold back full judgement until I see it in person, but from these picture alone, those angular corners are ugly.
  • The rounded ones are patented by Apple.
  • This could be the " 7" Rugged Tablet" that Sanji (Motorola's CEO) talked about , especially with the Rubber frame & the covered ports But the OG Xoom is looking way better
  • Good joke, Moto.
  • The moto name makes it worthless, just like the original xoom is. Not to mention just as heavy? Fail
  • As an extra kick in the ass, this will be released with an LTE radio installed before my Xoom gets its upgrade. Never buying Moto again.
  • I like the weight and feel of my 3g XOOM. It's not really that heavy.
  • Now that google owns motorola mobility, let's hope that that put something a little extra in this puppy
  • They do not own Motorola yet. It has to be approved first.
  • Makes sense that it will look like that...Remember that apple owns rectangular designs and rounded corners, Slate phones, and humans.
  • Galaxy tab still wins
  • Knock a couple hundred off with the same insides and put ASUS on it, and I'll buy it. Oh wait, ASUS is doing quad-core now that the " Slider" is out. Motorola where's the attached keyboard and ports.
  • I have confirmation from some Google friends. Moto is going to have the first tablet with Ice Cream Sandwich. Just so you know I also predicted that Moto would have the first Honeycomb tablet and called out the day of the release =op
  • Haven't you been paying attention to the threads? First doesn't mean a thing 1 or 2 months down the road.
  • That's true. You can wait for the 2nd Ice Cream Sandwich tablet but Google is on a 6 month release window so you would be buying right before Jelly Bean comes out.
  • Jelly Beans? Everyone know that the next version after ICS will be called Jello Shot.
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  • Hold up Moto, maybe you should go back and finish the OG Xoom before making another one.
  • Eh try again Motorola.