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Could Nokia announce an Android smartphone later today? Nah, that's crazy talk!

Nokia are holding a press event later today and all eyes are on new Windows Phone 8 hardware that we expect to see. However, the Finnish company sent out a rather interesting tweet a short time ago with the above photo:

Breakfast in New York on a big day for us! Today we dine on Jellybeans

Could this mean they are also going to entering the wonderful world of Android? We all know that Symbian is a dying platform for them and even though they have partnered with Microsoft to produce Windows Phones their market share is still falling on a global basis. They make glorious hardware, that can't be denied. Could they have have seen sense and realized that Android is the way forward?

I strongly suspect not. I think it is more likely they are teasing us Android lovers. With their deep commitment to Windows Phone and still producing S60 devices I'm pretty sure they have enough on their plate with two/three OS's. They are just messing with us the cheeky scallywags.

We will clearly keep you updated on any developing news but if you fancy keeping a close eye on tthe Windows Phone news please visit our sister site wpcentral.

  • Actually,just the opposite. I was wondering if Motorola would announce a WP8 device today?Would Google allow their Motorola division to build a non-Android device if it would be profitable for them?
  • If it is profitable why not? Google might consider it. But we all that windows phone is far from being profitable.
  • Samsung is doing it, producing both Windows and Android phones. Why not Nokia?
  • Man I hope so
    I've been hoping for a WP motorola since Microsoft announced WP7 , even though its unlikely especially with all the lawsuits between between Motorola & Microsoft & Google purchasing Motorola
  • I would think this would be a smart move for Nokia, so I don't see it happening :-P
  • LOL. Love it.
  • I think he meant that their WP8 phones would be "eating" Jelly Beans for lunch... Scott
  • I was thinking the samething
  • Ditto.
    Although it would be wise for them to have a backup plan in case Metro flops.
  • +1
  • They're saying that they'll eat Jellybean for breakfast, not that they're releasing a JB phone.
  • bingo. Sorry Mr. Richardson, but I think you win the brain fart blog post award for the day. It happens to all of us.
  • I think you missed the part where he said, "I strongly suspect not". Perhaps it only happens to you ;)
  • I didn't miss it. He suspected in the post that Nokia was making a joke by saying they would release a Android handset. That wasn't what was happening at all. They were saying they would eat android for breakfast with their new handsets. Something completely different.
  • Go ahead and work on dat reading comprehension. Don't worry, we'll wait here.
  • Yep, they must think that their new WP8 device will be an Android killer.
  • lol
  • LOL Doubt it...I don't think they understand Android users. Android users are all about their customization's and widgets. I actually think Windows Phone is more of an competitor to Apple, do to its simplicity and minimalism iPhone users cherish so much. Yes of Androids whopping 52% share it may lose like 1 - 2% to Windows Phone with Apple losing about the same.
  • Yeah... they're going to gain 2% market share! Woot!
  • Correct me if I'm wrong but I think they're implying that their new phone eats a bowl of jelly beans for breakfast.
  • That's what i was thinking too.
  • I guess that implies that the phone is fast while on it's sugar high in the morning then comes to a crawl and crashes when it comes off it's sugar high?
  • HA HA!! love it.. just like when i had windows mobile 6.1 on a treo 700w.. had to reboot it every afternoon a few times to get it to work again... once i hit android, i never looked back.. it gets better with every update.. windows phone updates every 16 months or so and its not worth writing home about.. i'll have a look at WP8.. but i dont think it'll pull me from a rooted SGS3 running JB...
  • All they'll get for their trouble is diabetes...
  • *diauhhbeetus
  • Nokia and Microsoft are so delusional. Apparently they have never used an android phone vs a windows phone.....
  • While I think it's true that Android is the superior OS, I used a Lumia 710 briefly and was pleasantly surprised by the messaging and UI of Windows Phone. It just doesn't offer enough quality third party support as some of the nicer Samsung or HTC offerings. I love my GNex, NexS, and my Evo, but Windows Phone is a cool little OS.
  • You realize this is Windows Phone 8, not 7.x? You, nor I, have used a WP8 device and can't compare it to an Android phone, but obviously Nokia and Microsoft have. Now, I'm not saying they are correct in their statement, but I'm saying we have nothing available to us now to call them out on it.
  • Do you really think WP7 -> WP8 will be that different? They already made a drastic overhaul (from WM6.X) and are happy with the foundation of WP7, WP8 will just build on it. So you can have a good idea of what WP8 is bringing to the table.
  • No but its probably what the do need to announce. They foolishly placed all their smartphone eggs in the basket of an OS partner who have happily demonstrated its willingness to shit on any of its OEM partners. I used to be a Nokia4Lifer but now I wouldn't even look at one of their device.
  • It actually would have been crazy if they released a Lumia Nexus. I mean geez Windows at 4% marketshare? WP7 didn't seem to help that much, what makes them think WP8 will do any better. They should diversify like Samsung. Samsung just entered the Windows phone turf and their using their success with Android to push it. Nokia needs to do the same thing, by pushing better quality hardware on a pure Android OS.
  • I used to be such a Nokia fan years ago; they make fantastic hardware, it would have been amazing had they chosen Android, I'm fairly certain I'd be rocking a Nokia phone right now if they did.
  • This is more like Nokia flipping the bird at Android than saying they are adopting Android. Reminds me of this:
  • Big talk for a dying company.
  • I don't think so, I believe it's only a sarcastic quote from Nokia they think that there new smartphone with WP, will be better than what is Android at this moment. Similar to Apple who thinks protectionism of the way of using there OS and hardware is the right way. The only difference of Apple against Nokia, with WP, is that Apple have amazing hardware and you don't always have to upgrade your hardware if you want the latest version of your OS. But not every brand is convinced of it that if the user can decide on its own what he does with his mobile device and how he will use it, like it is with Android, is the most effective way.
  • A clever play on words to be sure. But I do like Windows Phone in it's current iterations. I'm just too invested in the Google ecosystem. Now if the day should come that our content is portable between platforms, or Nokia makes some nice Android hardware, all bets are off.
  • I agree with many that WP7 is certainly nice whenever I get the chance to play with it, but the ability to customize my Android is the key for me. Obviously iOS works great and would do most everything I need in a day, too, but I think WP7 and iOS would get so boring to look at after a short time.
    I don't see any way that WP8 will excite people who are not already using WP7. I think its easier for new smartphone users who aren't into the Android customize thing to follow the herd to Apple instead of the equally easy to use Windows Phone 7/8. I think this won't do much for them, which is a shame really. I wouldn't mind a nice Nokia and a Microsoft Surface combo.
  • The dying company is so proud of Lumia & WP8
  • It's interesting that they decide to go after Android which is the more powerful OS compared to Apple. However, I do think of Androids 52% marketshare, only about 30% Are truly dedicated to the ecosystem while the other 22% move around as they please. In turn, of Apple's 33% marketshare I think they have more like 28% or so dedicated to their ecosystem, making those 22% of Android users a easier grab for NOkia.
  • And you got these numbers from where??
  • I think that I just means that they are just going to make fun of android and Motorola.
    Does that really hurt. uhhhh.....NO.
    And would it be so bad to see an IKEAland android.
    I would say: Finally. At least they are thinking with the right jelly bean.
  • Its weird if you look at the announcement majority of it is about the camera.
  • I just hope they didn't take the photo with their new "amazing" Win8 phone because if they did it has an awful camera!
  • Feast on .. as in eat up.... destroy... own ... in other words they are saying that their new phones will be better than Android in both hardware and software ... It is just typical marketing blather...
  • Is this serious? How do you get from that quote they are releasing an android phone. I understand you guys produce a lot of quantity here, but you might want to focus on some quality and comprehension as well. Feast on.. as in they are eating up jelly bean, as in they plan to beat android, as in they hope to destroy android. Get it now?
  • Exactly what I was thinking.