We just reported on the LG Aloha and now we have some speculative pictures that point this South Korean LG LU2300 Android device (pictured above) as the actual Aloha. Remember, the Aloha is purported to be the next great Android device with one new wrinkle: it has a full QWERTY keyboard.

A QWERTY keyboard is found on the LU2300 along with a 800x480 screen and Android 2.1, both which are expected to be on the Aloha. The other 'new' specs of the LU2300--Snapdragon, AMOLED 3.5-inch screen, and optical trackpad--seem to fit in with the Aloha's "high end" nature, so if you connect the dots and take a leap of faith the LU2300 just might be the LG Aloha. We definitely wouldn't be mad if it was. What do you guys think? [via androidcommunity]