Confirmed: Droid Incredible Froyo Update rolls out today

We'd heard and hoped that the Droid Incredible would start seeing the Froyo update today and indeed, Verizon has confirmed via Twitter that it indeed should start happening soon. Makes sense, since Verizon is already advertising Froyo as a feature for the DInc.

In addition to the Android 2.2 goodness, the update will bring Flash, mobile hotspot support, and 720p video recording. Verizon also says it will 'be posted to the VZW site' - we presume they refer to placing instructions on this page, but if you're reading this we suspect the steps in an OTA update are something you can figure out fairly easily.

Received your update? Please do let us know in the Android Forums, won't you? (Those looking to commiserate about not having received it yet head here) [@VZWSupport]

Cory Streater