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Here are all four Galaxy S7 and S7 edge colors

Even if you've decided to pick up a Galaxy S7 or S7 edge, it's always going to have to be followed by a choice on colors. After you buy the phone there's no going back to get a new color, and while a case can add a bit of flair later on you can't get around your initial decision.

Let's take a look at all four glorious colors of these phones together, then quickly break down the characteristics and availability of each.

Galaxy S7 edge colors

Galaxy S7 edge colors

Galaxy S7 edge colors


Black is easily the sleekest color of the bunch. Not only is it dramatically less reflective than the other colors, Samsung has also dropped some of the shiny trim around the home button and camera pod to accompany it. If you were a fan of the deep blue of last year's Galaxy phones, you'll love this one. You can get both the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge in black.


Gold is just the new thing to do — you can find it as a color option from most manufacturers nowadays. But nobody's gold stands out like Samsung's gold. It's even flashier and more reflective than previous gold phones from Samsung, and if that speaks to you then go for it — just don't say we didn't warn you. You can get both the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge in the gold color.


The silver color is a bit more reflective than last year's, but still isn't quite as ostentatious as the gold variant. That being said, in the right light the gold and silver can almost look identical. It's flashy, it's bright and it almost acts like a mirror when it's cleaned up. Silver is exclusively available for the Galaxy S7 edge.


Ah yes, it's fitting that the white version of the phone is a bit of a unicorn. When the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge launch in the U.S., white won't be a color option. We know that it will only be available internationally (at launch, anyway — who knows if that could change), but even then we don't know details on just which countries and which of the two models will offer the color. But if it is available where you're looking to buy, you'll find it to be nearly identical to the white of last year.

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • People have been saying the love the silver until they see it in person and then go back to Black. What is your thoughts on this?
  • I can't say what color people will like — I only know what I like. I just know the silver is really flashy and reflective, and often looks very similar to the gold when seen in person.
  • I like the look of the silver online; but talked myself out of it. I really wanted the white; but since it's not available in USA, I settled on black. I don't have a car with Android Auto, so frequently mount my phone to the windshield for navigation. I was concerned about the silver reflecting headlights at night, so went with the black. My car's mirror tints to keep the headlights from glaring into my eyes - I was concerned about the top/bottom bezel on the silver reflecting too much - at the very least being distracting or annoying.
  • That's a good point about mounting highly reflective devices against a windshield. Whether it does actually cause problems is not a given, as you say .
  • excellent point ... I never works of thought of that
  • Which did you like the best and second best?
  • black > white > silver > gold
  • The black this year has no blue tone in it at all...interesting.
  • And for that I am grateful. Hated the: Hey it's black! SIKE!! The tip is not included! So tip your Uber driver.
  • Because it's black. Last year was blue. Not sure why there'd be an expectation that the black model would have blue in it :)
  • last year was black sapphire. and years before samsung has never mad a BLACK flagship except the s5 and note 3. the others were always blue or gray.
  • Hi Andrew, its is interesting as to why manufacturers have different color options for different market. Why they don't just give us all color options everywhere :)
    Just fyi, you wrote that silver is only for s7 edge, but here in Indonesia we have Black, Gold, and Silver for both S7 and S7 Edge, you could check it out on samsung indonesia preorder page.
  • You can get black and gold with the s7 edge but silver is only for the edge not the regular.
  • i love black so im problaby going to get black
  • pink gold > silver > gold > blue > black
  • Those colors all look perfectly nice, but it seems like kind of a bland selection as a whole. I really hope they eventually release something like those gorgeous but under-released blue and green models from last year.
  • For me, the 'pearl white' - like galaxy S6, is most elegant. I'm waiting for S7 to come out in this color!
  • Exactly what happened to me. Saw it at BB and said, "No way."
  • Seen the silver at Best Buy in person and still sticking with it. But at the same time I didn't think that I would have liked the gold color like I did. The black is better than last years but it's nothing I haven't tried before. So silver and gold tied for first with black second.
  • I went with the black edge model I liked the silver in the pictures but when I saw it at best buy it was like looking in a mirror way to reflective for my tastes. Posted via the Android Central App
  • About the missing IR blaster in the Note 5 and S7, I have a solution for that. It's a Kickstarter campaign soon to be launch. Galaxy S7 is supported, and then you will have the IR blaster on S7. That way you will enjoy the wonderful S7 and still have IR in your smartphone. Please check it out here:
  • Wait! What? There's no IR blaster?? I use that daily for everything from my AC to whatever I can control around the house, to turning the channels in waiting rooms at businesses. It's literally the only remote I use on my S6Active. The widget is fantastic and it's so ez to switch TVs/devices/ rooms on the fly. I hope that I'm reading this wrong and you're saying that the IR hardware is there it's just not activated. Cuz I don't want to go back to Wi-Fi remotes- those suck :-/ The tip is not included! So tip your Uber driver.
  • 90% sure I'm getting the black, gonna have to swing by Best Buy to see them in person
  • Can the CE sticker be removed? If not, then black is the way to go if you want to hide that hideous thing! It's worse than carrier branding!
  • that's not a sticker
  • Then on some angles you can't see it? When they're all together you can see it on all but the black, but on the single phone pictures you can only see it on the white... Weird. Making me think twice about getting the Silver one haha
  • The reflectivity of the gold and silver especially make it tough to see the CE labeling.
  • Last year, the only model to have that branding was the Verizon model (at least in the U.S). The same probably applies for the S7 as well
  • These models used for pictures were not Verizon models.
  • Without the beautiful Emerald Green of last year, the black one is the only one I'll consider.
  • If only the Emerald had been available here... or that Sapphire. Come to think of it, can we get ANY color besides gold? Gold just feels tacky on most phones.
  • Where's the Green?! Should be a commercial........
  • This would have looked amazing in Iron Man Red... Just sayin'
  • The emerald stole my heart last year, but in it's absence, I like the look of the silver in photos.
  • My oh my the colors are just titillating my senses, glorious! Posted via the Android Central App
  • I saw the black onyx at best buy today. It just looks incredible. Stealth black phones look amazing. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I like that gold! Posted via the Android Central App
  • I saw both in person and love the titanium silver. It's a fingerprint magnet but so beautiful. I pre-ordered and I'm leaving my 6p for it. I know that won't be popular with some folks but I'm missing too many quality shots of my daughter with the 6p. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I'm also leaving my 6p for the s7 edge, in black. I need split screen multitasking and want an always on display instead of ambient. I also have a Nexus 5x that I'll be keeping so when Android N is released I'll still get it first!
  • Pretty unremarkable as far as I'm concerned. Would have loved to have seen a metallic blue or red.
  • Yes to metallic blue!!! But sadly too good to happen!!! Posted via the Android Central App
  • I'm in agreement with you on that. I had a beautiful metallic red LG, several years ago and I loved the color. Metallic blue would also be amazing. I am definitely a fan of this new S7 Edge. I've had just about every Samsung flagship phone that comes around. I really love this one! I saw it in the Silver color and pre-ordered that one on the spot.
  • So glad Samsung went back to a true black. That said, the silver one really caught my eye.
  • I like white phones. White not available in the USA. F you samsung. Guess I'll stick to my s6 active in camo white Posted via the S6 Active
  • you're seriously not getting it just cause it's not in white?
  • Well and not wanting to drop $800 on a phone when I just recently dropped $360 on my current phone. Will wait for sales, bogo promos, $300 trade in credits, etc. And also waiting to see HTCs offerings. And even then I'm still undecided between the s7, g5, hopefully m10, possibly xperia but probably not, and there's still a chance I could jump chip to an iphone. Posted via the S6 Active
  • Can't say that I blame you. Dropping money on phones is an expensive habit, it pays to wait sometimes. Also trying out an iphone too.
  • Yep, wait for the m10. It'll be worth it Posted via the Android Central App
  • Why not. You wouldn't get a phone if it's not samsung Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yes I would. dating back to 2013 my phones were a G2, G3, and a 2015 Moto X
    I only have the S6 active because I got it at a good price and the AT&T didn't support numbersync on the moto x.
  • I ordered the Platinum Gold S7, can someone tell me what the Gold S6 or Gold Note is like during 12 noon sunlight? Is it blaringly reflective? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Gold on S7 is better looking than the one on s6. Just saw both in person. Samsung rep mentioned it as well.
  • Really? What is different about the Gold on the S7 compared to the Gold S6? Posted via the Android Central App
  • More of a metal gold yet still subtle. It looks less bright like jewlry and more like gold aluminum I guess. Hard to explain, you have to just see it in person. It looks nice though.
  • I think he has a point I noticed it to the new Gold has a slight rose gold in it compared to my gs6 edge plus I spent a hour playing with them all Posted via the Android Central App
  • Man it sucks that Samsung is limiting this year's options so severely. Limited to only 32gb internal storage AND no white? Geez, come on now. The white s6 Edge is just so beautiful, should be an option again this year. Posted via the Android Central App from my pearly white Galaxy S6, black Note 3 or Nexus 7
  • I so much agree dude!!!!! I would have been a ton, ton happier with my purchase if if had 64GB's internal + microsd. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Agreed. It really makes me mad that we don't get a 64gb option Posted via the Android Central App
  • Patience has its rewards. The HTC One M10 (Perfume) will have a 64 GB option.
  • The 64GB version is coming via Kogan. See
  • agree. I want a White And 64GB. don't want to mess with a stupid SD card.
    No white, No 64GB, No Sale. Gorgeous phone.
    Hopefully samsung offers white 64 on the Note 6.
    if not. I will just stay iPhone until something worth buying comes out.
  • Just saw all colors in person besides white. Silver is very very cool. Black is boring,I thought it would a brushed black or something different but it's just regular old straight black. I noticed the most finger prints on the black fwiw. It's like buying a black car, you see everything. The gold was surprisingly cool too. They aren't reflective like a mirror even under BB rediculous lighting. Silver isn't matte like a brushed aluminum though, yet not full blown chrome.
  • I probably would get the white version, just because I hate the looks of a "dirty" phone (regarding the fingerprints). And constatly feeling the urge to wipe your phone clean would be very annoying to me...^^
  • I took photos of several active display models, and when I got home I thought I had shot the back of a silver one, but they had none so gold looks really silvery especially with a light.
  • I will be getting the black S7 Edge. Can't wait!!!! Dam It Feels Good To Be A Google Gangster
  • lol, you got an S6, hated TW, bought a 6p and talked about how much you love stock/updates ... 2 weeks