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Combine the Google Home Mini and Chromecast together in a $45 bundle from Walmart

Chromecast and Home Mini
Chromecast and Home Mini (Image credit: Thrifter)

Want to watch your favorite shows on your favorite apps, but you're too lazy to press buttons? Walmart has the bundle for you! Grab a 1st-generation Google Home Mini and a Google Chromecast (opens in new tab) for just $45 total. The Chromecast goes for $35 by itself and you can find the Home Mini for around $25, so you're saving $15 getting them together through Walmart.

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The Chromecast is a media streaming player for your TV. Access your favorite apps. The 1st-gen Home Mini connects to your smart home and lets you control the Chromecast, among other things, with just your voice. Perfect smart home companions.

The Home Mini is not a bad device, but you should know it has been replaced by the new Google Nest Mini, and we've seen that device advertised for as low as $19 at Target for Black Friday. It will probably be that low in a couple places.

The Home Mini is one of the best ways to get Google Assistant throughout your home in the form of a compact smart speaker. You can play music, listen to audiobooks, get news and weather updates, control other connected smart devices, and more. One of my favorite things about Google Assistant is that it gives you exactly what you asked for compared to Amazon Alexa, which is always eager to tell me about all the extra features I don't care about.

The Chromecast is a simple media streaming device. You just plug it into your TV and you'll get access to a smart platform containing all your favorite apps. Stream from Netflix, Hulu, and more. There are very few apps the Chromecast doesn't have, and you can see the full list (opens in new tab) before you buy if you're curious. With your smartphone or your new Home Mini, you can control the Chromecast without the need for a remote or even the need to press buttons. Just talk to it and tell it what you want it to do. Learn everything you need to know from this Android Central article.

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