Clean up your mess with the Roborock S6 robot vacuum and mop on sale for $380

Roborock S6 Vac
Roborock S6 Vac (Image credit: Amazon)

While we have seen the Roborock S6 go on sale in the past, we have never seen it drop as low as it is today. Grab the Roborock S6 robot vacuum cleaner and mop while it's on sale for $379.99 at Amazon. The S6's high price is $650 and it has been selling for around $600 since the beginning of the year. Previous price drops never went below $400, so today's sale is a new low.

There are other variations of the Roborock S6 that are on sale as well today. Grab the Roborock S6 Pure while it's on sale. Not only do you get $80 off the price directly, but you can save another $60 with the on-page coupon. That brings the total down to just $459.99. This is also a new low price for another popular robot vacuum.

Uses precise navigation and a Z-shape cleaning route. Can map your entire home, including multiple floors, along with no-go zones. Has 2000Pa suction and automatic boost when it detects carpet. Battery lasts up to 180 minutes and it can self charge.

The Roborock S6 is a smart device. It's equipped with LiDAR navigation and uses a Z-shaped cleaning route. What that means for you is a machine that's as effective and detailed as it can be when it cleans. Thanks to its sensors and awareness, it can actually map multiple floors in your house, save those maps, and whip them out when it needs to.

As a vacuum, the S6 is capable of 2000Pa suction so you get a great cleaning experience. It can also tell the difference between multiple floor types so it can adjust when switching between hard wood and carpet. When it's on carpet, it can boost its suction to easily lift that dug in debris. The vacuum can also lift itself up to 0.8 inches, which helps it clear hurdles it might not otherwise be able to like a thick carpet.

This is more than just a vacuum, though. You actually get the standard robot vacuum and a mop. It has a large 180ml water tank. That's large enough to cover up to 1,610 square feet. All you have to do is fill up the tank when you want to mop and send it on its way. The S6 will add mopping to its functions as it goes about its business. If you don't want to mop, just don't add any water and it can't.

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