Acer Chromebook

The stable channel of Chrome OS is being updated today with improved window management and a few much-wanted features. The first big change you'll notice after updating your Chromebook or Chromebox will be a new side dock that allows you to dock small windows to the screen edges. Also, you'll now have the option of using an onscreen keyboard, which will let you use your mouse or touchscreen for character input and device features (such as volume and brightness) without the physical keyboard.

Under the hood, Chrome OS version 34.0.1847.118 will turn Google Drive offline backup on by default after your first login, making sure you have everything backed up for those few times when you're without an internet connection. Additionally, there's now the option to use "sticky keys," which lets you perform keyboard shortcuts by hitting keys in a sequence rather than simultaneously.

The update is available for all Chrome OS devices, and will be rolling out over the next few days, though we've already received it on our Acer C720 Chromebook.

Source: Google Chrome Releases