Chrome OS now supports Netflix's PiP, Ambient EQ

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook
Samsung Galaxy Chromebook (Image credit: Andrew Martonik / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google has spotlighted two new Chrome OS features coming this month.
  • The operating system now supports Ambient EQ, allowing for adaptive displays that adjust color temperature and white balance based on the environment.
  • Netflix's Picture-in-Picture mode also now works on Chromebooks via the Android app.

Google has announced two new features that are ready for Chrome OS users this month. Well, one of them is ready for all users, while the first is more controlled by the hardware you're using and won't actually be coming this month.

The first of these is Ambient EQ. Ambient EQ is a display feature that adjusts how your display looks in relation to your environment. Pixel 4 and 4 XL users might be familiar with it, as well as Nest Hub users since Google equipped those displays with Ambient EQ support.

Google's Alexander Kuscher, Director of Chrome OS Software, writes:

With Ambient EQ, Chromebook screens adapt to any context—whether you're working outdoors on a sunny day, or if you're watching a movie while snuggled under a blanket. Ambient EQ naturally adjusts the white balance and color temperature of your Chromebook's screen based on your surroundings, which makes the content on screen appear more natural. The screen adjusts automatically, making it easier on your eyes.

The second feature is a little more universal. Netflix's PiP(Picture-in-Picture) mode will now work on Chromebooks via the Android app. You don't need to do anything to configure it, just start Netflix, play the newest episode of whatever you're interested in watching, and switch apps so you can continue being productive.

While the Netflix PiP update is available immediately, Ambient EQ will first be available on the gloriously red and overpowered Samsung Galaxy Chromebook, and will likely come out on premium Chromebooks which arrive later this year.

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