Cellular South to Offer Sprint-styled HTC Hero

Cellular South, the largest privately held wireless provider in the US which focuses on customers in the gulf coast, will be the third US carrier to officially support Android (T-Mobile and Sprint being first and second). Cellular South just announced that they will offer the Sprint-styled HTC Hero to their 5 million customers and it'll pack all the goodies of Google Apps and Android Market. Confession: We've never heard of Cellular South until now.

The Sprint-styled HTC Hero is the generically designed, chin-less version of the HTC Hero that packs a 5 megapixel camera and runs HTC Sense. Though we wish that they would offer the daringly styled, chin-full GSM version, it's still great to see a small carrier like Cellular South put their efforts behind an Android device that we believe to be the best Android offering available.

If anyone is a Cellular South customer or ever used Cellular South, please let us know in the comments how Cellular South is!

[via engadget]

  • Cellular South has unmatched coverage, unmatched plan pricing, and unmatched customer service in my area (central MS). In my opinion, their only big downfall has been smartphone equipment. They have a few blackberry choices, and a few HTC phones, but usually seem to be behind on releasing new models. They currently have two phones that will release very soon - Blackberry Tour 9630, and the HTC Hero Android phone. The Hero looks very promising and may convince me to switch from my Blackberry.
  • I have to agree. I'm a Cellular South customer and have to say they have the best coverage in Mississippi (both voice and 3g) and are expanding into Tennessee, Florida, and Alabama. The have just expanded 3g coverage into the Delta. Can't wait for the release of the Hero.
  • I agree with the above comments. By far the best coverage of any company in the area we are in.
    Phones has been the weak point for them, but they are starting to catch up somewhat.
    With the Hero offering, I will seriously consider going to that from my blackberry.
  • I am with the others. I have been a customer with Cellular South in Memphis for 7 years and I never had a problem with them or their service and pricing. I've travel throughout the US and their service has never posed a problem. About 3 months ago, Cellular South was doing an interview with me and other customers on how they can improve on their service. The only problem that they had was their phone selection was kinda behind, and I discussed with them that I would like to see them have a phone that was comparable to the IPhone. I'm glad that they have listened to their customers and they really do a good job of valuing them.
  • Cellular South coverage is fantastic and always has been. My parents have coverage with AT&T and there coverage is not as good. I have been many places and still able to get great coverage no matter where I travel. I can be in NYC, Canada, Kentucky, or on a deerstand in the middle of nowhere and get service. The service with Cellular South is unsurpassed so the customers remain loyal. I am very glad that they are finally getting another smartphone. The only thing Cellular South needs to do is to provide more phone choices. Cellular South lost the Nokia brand several years ago and I wish they would get it back as well. Nokia carries a great smartphone. I will definitely try the Hero and give up the blackberry.
  • Cellular south beats all the competition in every category except phone selection. However, with Apple's contract with AT&T coming to a close and the introduction of the Android phones, It will be interesting to see how much Cellular South can expand in the next year or so. I have been with other cell providers in this area but there is nobody that can beat Cellular South's customer service, coverage and prices in their area!
  • Cellular South now offering the Hero for $99.99 after $50.00 dollar mail in rebate.
  • I have had Cellular South since the begining, good company, best prices on the market as you can get $99.oo dollars a month with unlimited nation wide voice, texting, and unlimited data. However, they have not had good phone choices, hopefully until now. I have my order in for the Hero, i hope not to be disappointed as i was with their HTC Diamond Touch.
  • Cellular south has the best coverage in my area (MS) I've been with AT&T, Sprint, Alltel, and Boost but Cellular south outshines them all when it comes to service...They don't have the best selection of phones but I would rather have a phone that works anywhere than one that's pretty or high tech.
  • I, too, have been a Cellular South customer since the beginning and have had nothing but excellent service. I agree that they could offer more selection in the types of phones, but I am anxiously awaiting my pre-ordered Hero.
  • i agree with all the comments above, cellular south offers great plans at reasonable prices. i've been with them for over 5 years now and have never had a complaint about them with the exception of their phone selections. i have a friend that is dead set on staying with at&t and getting an iphone. i tried to explain to him he is overpaying for his one phone plan and to switch but he would rather pay 200 total a month instead of a flat rate of 80 for unlimited everything. so i rate cellsouth a 9.5 outta ten... the .5 is for phone selection.
  • I absolutely love Cellular South. They have great service in Memphis, where I use my phone the most. I just wish that picture messaging would be included in the regular texting fee.
  • I was with Cellular South since they opened the company years ago. In June 2009 I switched to AT&T just to get an iPhone and boy was this a mistake. Coverage with Cellular South was awesome but very spotty with AT&T in Mississippi. I wrote Mr. Kevin Hankins CEO of Cellular South and ask him to bring the HTC Hero to Cellular South in order to meet their business customers needs especially since the HTC Hero has WiFi. I am Coming home to Cellular South and Cellular South is paying my early termination fee with AT&T and drop the 36.00 conection fee. They listen to their customers and have the greatest coverage by far nationwide. I paid 168.00 a month for unlimited voice. Text, web, and e-mail with AT&T for me alone but with Cellular South I pay only 120.00 total unlimited for my daughter and i both with Cellular South.
    The best choice by far.
    Tim in Foxworth
  • Cell South has a great coverage area and by far has the best pricing of any of the cellular companies. However their customer service is extremely weak and in store employees are lacking knowledge. I'm surprised some of them even know how to turn the power on. My suggestion is to use Cell South but to order online.
  • Cell South has a great coverage area and by far has the best pricing of any of the cellular companies. However their customer service is extremely weak and in store employees are lacking knowledge. I'm surprised some of them even know how to turn the power on. My suggestion is to use Cell South but to order online.
  • I agree with most of thr other post. CSouth has the best coverage both wireless and 3G in MS hands down. I also agree with the issue of their limited phone selection. They have the best smartphone plan by far. Their price can't be beat. The few downsidesare that you don't get picture measuring without extra dollars, no streaming video ,and phones don't have wifi, however the tour or the hero might have it.
  • Cellular South is by far the best provider in this region. They have more areas with 3G in this region and the plans are unbeatable. They just started the Smartphone Unlimited Plan. If you have a smartphone, you can pay $79.99 for unlimited voice, text, and data nationwide. Which is great for when I am out of my area. Dont have to worry about how long I talk. The best part of the plan is you can add a 2nd line for $39.99. Say you and a family member want to combiine plans, you will only pay $120 total($60 each). Where else can you pay $60 for unlimited everything with your smartphone?
  • Went into a local Cellular South store yesterday after work after hearing that people were starting to be able to pickup their phones if they’d pre-ordered them. No luck. Told the customer service representative that I’d pre-ordered mine weeks/months ago. She asked if I had stated in the pre-order to please ship the phone to my home address or to hold it for me at a specific store. Told her that there was no option ever presented to me during the online pre-ordering session I was in to specify where I’d like the phone to be held/delivered once it was available. She basically said then that if I didn’t request specifically for the phone to be held at that store for me, I was out of luck and would just have to come back Monday. Sucks… awful customer service and I’ve been a customer (along with my wife’s phone) for about 8 years straight. So they’re telling me I can’t get the phone early because I didn’t request that the phone be held at that store, yet there was nothing asked of me during the online pre-ordering session aside from my name / address / phone #?! You suck, Cellular South… you simply suck…
  • I am not sure why you didn't get an option as to where to ship your pre-ordered phone. Did you get a confirmation email? Did you get an email saying that your phone was available. Sounds like you went to an arbitrary Cellular South store after hearing through word of mouth, not your own email notification, that the phones were in. Perhaps, you didn't complete the pre-order process. I pre-ordered mine and after selecting that it be sent to a store in my area, the results page indicated that all stores in my city and surrounding areas didn't have the Hero, but I could choose to have it shipped for $0.99 to my address or perhaps the store (depending on what address I entered). So perhaps, it is not Cellular South's crappy service, but your misunderstanding of or overlooking a step while in the pre-order process.
  • Hey everyone! I have been a cellular south cumtomer for 9 years and they are amazing! as of now my wife and I are paying 120 dollars for unlimited everything! We both have HTC Hero's and we love them! They are very nice and the coverage is amazing!