Can You Use Samsung Pay with the Gear Fit2 Pro?

Best answer: No. Since the Gear Fit2 Pro does not contain an NFC chip, it cannot make mobile payments using Samsung Pay.

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No NFC? Sadly, no Samsung Pay

Samsung's Gear S3 features the technology necessary for Samsung Pay to work. NFC stands for "near-field communication," which is generally executed by a physical chip that activates when devices are held within 4 centimeters of one another.

Unfortunately, Samsung didn't include said chip in the Gear Fit2 Pro, so Samsung Pay simply isn't possible with the tracker, even through firmware update. The physical requirements just aren't there.

If you want Samsung Pay, look elsewhere

If you really want the ability to pay with just a tap of your wrist, then you'll want to pick a smartwatch with the technology built-in. You'll very likely have to pay more, especially if it's a Samsung device, but if you want it, you want, and you have to have it.

Mick Symons
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