Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile introduce new $5 and $10 data add-ons

Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile are now offering new $5 and $10 data pack add-ons, allowing you to affordably add more data when you need it. With these new offerings, customers who are nearing their limit, or want to use a little more data, can add an extra 1GB or 2GB for the month. For $5, half of what most carriers are charging, you can add 1GB of high-speed data, while $10 a month gets you 2GB.

These add-ons are on top of the existing monthly charges, which start at around $35 a month with 2GB of data included.

More information on the Boost Mobile Data Pack

More information on the Virgin Mobile Data Pack{.cta .large.nofollow}

Source: Sprint

Jared DiPane
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