Black Friday's cheapest VPN deal gets you 5 years of protection for just $1.13 per month

Purevpn App Hero
Purevpn App Hero (Image credit: Shutterstock)

Treat yourself to a spot of Black Friday privacy and security with this stunning deal on a full five years of VPN access from the folks at PureVPN. Priced at just $67.96 after entering our discount code, that works out at an insane $1.13 per month — other than going with a free service, you won't find a cheaper option than this.

What is a VPN? That's a good question — it's basically a way for you to route all of your internet traffic through a trusted third party — in this case, PureVPN. That means that nobody can snoop on what you're doing online, whether that's seeing what website you're visiting or trying to nab your banking details when you're at a coffee shop. Everyone should have a VPN in their back pocket, and this Black Friday deal is the perfect time to make sure that you do.

So what's the deal? Just click through to the PureVPN website using the button below and then enter the discount code tech15 when checking out to get a price that works out to just $1.13 per month over five years. Still not sure whether PureVPN is for you? Check out our PureVPN review and remember the 31-day money-back guarantee that's in play, too.

The kind of VPN deal that doesn't crop up very often!

If a VPN has been on your Black Friday shopping list, look no further. You're very unlikely to find a deal that comes close to this one.

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Oliver Haslam