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Black Friday Garmin Instinct deals

Garmin Instinct Solar
Garmin Instinct Solar (Image credit: Garmin)

Garmin's Black Friday deals have begun, and the entire line of Garmin Instinct smartwatches are on sale ahead of the big day. Right now, the biggest discount we're seeing is a whopping 43% off Garmin's most well-rounded Instinct model. That's an incredible $130 off the normal price!

Other great deals include $150 off the Garmin Instinct Solar GPS, which will keep its charge anytime you're outdoors, thanks to some brilliant built-in solar panels. On top of charging from the sun, the Garmin Instinct Solar can tell you exactly how intense the sun is at any given time, letting you know when it's time to put more sunscreen or sun-protective clothing on.

No matter which Garmin Instinct you pick, you'll be getting a rugged smartwatch with built-in GPS that'll take you anywhere you want without worrying about battery life. In smartwatch mode, these watches will last an average of two weeks on a single charge, while the more intensive always-on GPS tracking modes will last a full hike and then some, with up to two-day battery life on Ultratrac mode.

Garmin's impressively smart GPS tracking mode features TracBack, which will navigate back exactly the way you came, so you can wander off as far as you want and never worry about getting lost. Have an outdoor expedition planned for the coming year? This feature will make it even more memorable.

But not all of Garmin's smartwatches are built for the outdoors. For example, the Garmin Instinct eSports Edition caters to folks who find themselves regularly streaming their gameplay online, letting you tie in your own heart rate and other vitals right into your stream. That's a pretty amazing and unique way to get your audience pumped up when you are.

When are the Black Friday Garmin Instinct deals?

Garmin Instinct

Source: Garmin (Image credit: Source: Garmin)

Garmin's first round of Black Friday deals have already begun, starting with the Garmin Instinct line of smartwatches. All of the major Garmin Instinct models are on sale right now at steep discounts, including the aforementioned 43% off deal for the regular Garmin Instinct smartwatch.

Once you pick up your Garmin Instinct, you can find several of the best Garmin Instinct bands to better accessorize your smartwatch, many of which are on sale for Black Friday, as well.

Where will the best Black Friday Garmin Instinct deals be?

Almost all major retailers are selling Garmin Instinct smartwatches at the same great discounts, so there's no need to venture far from your favorite retailer for these deals. Whether you want the convenience of Amazon's Prime Shipping or just want to stop by your local Walmart or Best Buy to pick up a watch today, there are a plethora of choices to be had here.

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