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The latest Big Mouth Billy Bass is made to be a rockstar with built-in Alexa support

Earlier this year, Thrifter reported on Amazon's upcoming expansion of Alexa functionality with its Gadgets Toolkit release, and some hilarity-inducing products using these new features are now available to pre-order via Amazon.

Releasing early December, the star of this latest lineup of devices might look a bit familiar to you. Big Mouth Billy Bass (opens in new tab) has been a beloved singing prop that's graced the walls of hallways and bathrooms since the late 1990s, featuring classic songs like "Don't Worry, Be Happy" and "Take Me To The River", and this latest edition offers support for Alexa.

When you pressed the button under the old Billy Bass, he'd launch into song and lipsync along with the words. But with Alexa functionality, things have changed a bit. Once you've wirelessly connected Big Mouth Billy Bass to an existing Echo (opens in new tab) device in your home, such as the Echo Dot (opens in new tab), it comes to life like never before. It can respond to Alexa voice commands and lipsyncs its answer too, so if you want to know the weather tomorrow, or the news, or a random fact, Billy Bass will turn towards you, open its mouth, and start talking. Pretty weird, right?

The Billy Bass basically takes the place of your Echo speaker it's paired with, so you can receive any timers, notifications or alarms set up through Alexa via the Billy Bass. You can even play Amazon Music Unlimited (opens in new tab) tracks straight out of Billy Bass' mouth by asking Alexa (or the Bass) to play the song or playlist you're wanting to hear; he'll dance along to the beat while it plays. You can use other Alexa Skills (opens in new tab) with it too, such as the Xbox Skill (opens in new tab) enabling commands such as "Alexa, turn on Xbox".

Big Mouth Billy Bass (opens in new tab) will be made available for purchase on December 1 for $39.99 at Amazon, though you can get your pre-order in (opens in new tab) right now. If you're curious about the other recently unveiled devices which are compatible with Alexa, you can find them for pre-order now too: Twerking Christmas Bear (opens in new tab), Twerking Bear (opens in new tab), and Twerking Santa (opens in new tab). They're sure to be a hit at any holiday party this year.

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