Best Wireless Chargers for the Galaxy S10 Android Central 2020

If you like to charge your phone at your desk all day, but you still want to use it unencumbered, then a wireless charging pad or stand is the way to go. They can work great as bedside charging solutions, or for quick top-ups when you're home in between working and heading out for evening activities. Whatever your use, these are the best wireless charging pads for the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Trusted brand: Anker PowerPort charging pad

Staff pick

Anker makes fabulous charging products, and this 10W charging pad fits in well with its repertoire. It has non-slip pads on the bottom so that it stays put on your desk or table. If you're looking for a phone-shaped charging pad, this is the one you want.

$14 at Amazon

From the source: Samsung convertible charging stand

Who better to buy a wireless charging stand from than Samsung itself? it uses the latest wireless Fast Charge technology to offer up to 15W wireless charging for the Galaxy S10+ and 12W wireless charging for the smaller S10. It's available in both black and white and is a nice upgrade over the older Samsung charging pads.

$49 at Amazon

Conversation piece: iOttie iON charging pad

If you're looking for a charging pad that can add to your home's or office's decor, this fabric-wrapped charging pad is ideal. It charges at up to 10 watts and comes in four colors to add a bit of style and flair to your setup. A USB-C cable comes in the box, and iOttie provides a two-year warranty.

$23 at Amazon

Best for the office: Spigen Qi Wireless Charging Stand

Spigen's charging stand is angled, making this a great option for your office desk so you can easily see your display while your phone is charging. This stand features three charging coils that allow you to charge your Galaxy S10 in vertical or horizontal orientations — but you'll need to supply your own 10W wall adapter for best charging results.

$36 at Amazon

Better in black: Anker PowerWave charging stand

The PowerWave is a no-frills charging stand that can charge at up to 7.5 watts. It does require a Quick Charge 3.0 wall charger, which isn't included, but it comes with the necessary cable, which is 6 feet long. Anker also promises that this stand will charge phones with cases that are up to 5 millimeters thick.

$30 at Amazon

Simple and inexpensive: Yootech charging pad

This charging pad comes in a few colors and has a bright LED indicator to show you your S10 is charging, though it will turn off after 16 seconds so that it's not interruptive to your sleep. Your S10 is protected against overvoltage, short-circuiting, and overheating with this pad, and it Yootech provides an 18-month warranty.

$12 at Amazon

Triple coil charging: Choetech charging pad

This phone-shaped charging pad has three coils, so you have to worry less about precisely placing your S10 on it. There are five colors to choose from, and they can charge at up to 10 watts, giving your S10 the fastest possible wireless charge.

$20 at Amazon

Great warranty: Seneo charging stand

Seneo's stand comes in black or white and with a three-year warranty against any defects. It has two charging coils and can handle phones that have cases up to 4 millimeters thick. This stand has an LED indicator on the front to show you your S10 is charging, and it automatically protects your phone against any electrical issues.

$18 at Amazon

Double trouble: Yootech charging pad (2-pack)

If you've got more than one S10 in your home, it'll make things a lot easier to charge everyone's phones if you purchase this two-pack. There's an LED light indicator to let you know when your battery is charged and these charging pads are covered with 18-month warranties.

$18 at Amazon

Put a wireless charger wherever you need!

Keeping your Galaxy S10 juiced up no matter where you go is much easier without the annoying cables. The prices for all these wireless charging pads are trending down, meaning you could pick up a charging pad for your bedside table, your work office, and even one for the living room.

We highly recommend the Anker PowerWave Base Pad since it's Qi-certified and is created by a trusted brand. For the most versatility, grab the Samsung convertible stand that lets you switch between an angled stand or a flat pad, and because it's made by Samsung you know you'll get the best charging results. Alternatively, I recommend the iOttie iON Wireless Mini Fast Charging Pad because it's equally stylish and function, although it does not include a wall charger.

So depending on which charging stand you choose, you might also need a reliable wall charger that supports Quick Charge 3.0. We recommend the Anker PowerPort Quick Charge 3.0 wall charger to ensure your phone enjoys the best charging speeds.

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