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The best wireless chargers for the Galaxy Note 20 are consistent, stylish, and speedy. They should never make you guess whether your phone is lined up properly, nor should they leave you waiting and waiting on a sluggish 5W charge instead of Samsung's Fast Charge wireless profiles. These are the best and brightest wireless chargers for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, whether you need something light and nimble for your cubicle at work or a sturdy stand for your nightstand.

Samsung 15W Fast Charge 2.0 Wireless Charging Stand

Fastest speed: Samsung 15W Fast Charge 2.0 Wireless Charger Stand

Staff Pick

This is just about the only charger that actually charges the Note 20 at 15W since most third-party 15W chargers use a different protocol than Samsung's Fast Charge 2.0. These perks alone make this our top pick for the best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 wireless chargers.

$65 at Amazon
Anker PowerWave Pad Alloy Wireless Charger

Charge your way!: Anker PowerWave Alloy

While most wireless chargers are still powered by Qualcomm QuickCharge, this well-made Anker charger lets you use QC or Power Delivery, so basically, any fast charger in your house will work with it.

$31 at Amazon
Samsung Duo Pad Fast Charge Wireless Charger

No more waiting: Samsung Wireless Charger Duo Pad, Fast Charge 2.0

If you have a Galaxy Watch or Galaxy Buds and a Note 20, this pad is perfectly suited to charging both at the same time. The right-hand pad is sculpted, so it's easier to align smaller accessories, and both pads can wirelessly charge a phone.

$70 at Amazon
Spigen Steadiboost Flex Render

Up or down: Spigen SteadiBoost Flex

Can't decide if you want a vertical stand or a flat charging pad? Get you a charger that can do both! Spigen's convertible stand will charge the Note 20 at 10W whether you use it propped up or lying down.

$30 at Amazon
Ampere Unravel 3 1 Wireless Charging Pad Purple

Powerful charging: Ampere Unravel 3+1

Few Qi chargers accept Power Delivery input, but the Unravel needs that higher power to charge three devices at 10W at the same time. You can also rearrange it as a stand or accordion-fold it to save desk space.

$100 at Amazon
Nanami Fast Wireless Charger Reco Clear Png

Two for one: NANAMI 10W Qi-Certified Fast Wireless Charger 2 Pack

This phenomenally thin pad is great for crowded desks and tiny nightstands. You get two 10-W Qi charging pads and two 3.3-feet USB Type-C cables making this an excellent value buy.

$20 at Amazon
Samsung 25W Wireless Portable Battery

At home and on the go: Samsung Super Fast 25W Portable Wireless Charger (10,000mAh)

The 25W wireless charging speed of this Samsung charger is super fast. You get the perks of being able to use it as a power bank when you're traveling and a wireless charging pad when you're safe at home.

$80 at Amazon
INIU 15w Charging Stand Sleep Friendly Light Reco Png

Sleep-friendly: INIU 15W Charging Stand with Sleep-Friendly Light

If you usually charge your phone while sleeping, this 15W charging stand from INIU will come in handy. It features a sleep-friendly adaptive LED indicator that glows brightly when the sun is up but automatically dims down at night.

$16 at Amazon
Nothers 20w Fast Wireless Charging Pad Reco Png

Get lit: Nothers 20W Fast Wireless Charging Pad with USB C Cable

This power bank can wirelessly charge your Note 20 at 20W, and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. You can even tell when your Note 20 is done charging, thanks to the color-changing LED lights.

$15 at Amazon

What are the best wireless chargers for the Galaxy Note 20?

There are multitudes of wireless chargers out there, but if you want to charge the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 at the full 15W Samsung advertises, you'll have to stick to first-party chargers like the Samsung 15W Fast Charge 2.0 Wireless Charger Stand. 15W charging is only supported by a handful of Samsung phones — from the Galaxy S10 series to the Note 20 series — and as such, there's only one Samsung wireless charge model so far to support it.

If you're happy charging at 10W instead, your options absolutely explode. If your Note 20 came with Galaxy Buds — or you used that pre-order credit for a Galaxy Watch Active 2 — then you'll probably want to opt for the Samsung Duo Pad so you can charge both devices easily without wires covering your nightstand. There's also a plethora of inexpensive wireless chargers like the Nanami Fast Wireless Charger that are perfect for plopping on your desk or in the living room so you can top off while watching TV with the family.

Just keep in mind most of these chargers need a Qualcomm QuickCharge 2.0/3.0 charger to power them if they don't have a wall plug in the box. The chargers that Samsung phones used to come with, the ones with USB-A, are perfect for these if you still have them laying around, but if you don't. QC 3.0 chargers are plentiful and affordable these days.

If you have issues with your wireless charger, make sure your case isn't too thick to inhibit wireless charging. If it is, you might need to consider grabbing a new case that isn't as bulky!

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