Best Wallet Cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Android Central 2021

One of the things we always have with us is our phone, so it makes sense to combine that with the best wallet case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 to cut down on stuff to carry. Being able to leave your wallet behind while still keeping the necessary cards with you can be freeing. So take a look at these wallet cases to take the first step towards pocket liberation.

Spigen Slim Armor Cs

Durable wallet: Spigen Slim Armor CS

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Spigen is one of the best-known case makers for phones, and this case combines its very popular Slim Armor line with a wallet. As the name states, this case is durable, and unlike most heavy-duty cases, is also quite slim. The door on the back of the case slides open for storage of up to two cards. While it isn't going to replace your entire wallet, it will let you keep your essential cards handy.

$15 at Amazon
FYY Leather RFID Wallet Case

Classic leather: FYY Leather RFID-Blocking Wallet

This leather case from FYY is a folio-style case that covers the back and flap to protect the front with a clasp, keeping the cover closed. When open, the front cover has three card slots as well as a pocket for some cash. The case also can be used as a stand for propping your phone up for hands-free usage. With RFID blocking layers to help keep your cards secure, you'll be ready to head out while leaving your wallet at home.

$31 at Amazon
Migeec Case Card Holder

Flap back: Migeec Case with Card Holder

With a slightly different approach to the folio-style wallet case, this option from Migeec is more like a traditional case with a flap on the back to store cards. It uses two magnetic clasps to stay closed, but when opened, you have three card slots and a small pocket to stash cash. The part of the case surrounding your phone is a slim, durable TPU material that's easy to grip while adding drop protection.

$17 at Amazon
KEXiHOME Leather Rfid Wallet Case

Twist on a classic: KEZiHOME RFID Leather Wallet Case

For a classic leather folio case with a bit of style, look no further than this two-tone design from KEZiHOME. It has a magnetic flap to keep the front cover closed when not in use makes accessing the three cards and cash pocket simple when needed. There is RFID blocking material built-in to help keep your cards secure from data theft, and the cover can double as a stand for video watching.

$30 at Amazon
VRS Design Damda Glide Pro

Built for life: VRS DESIGN Damda Glide Pro

This case from VRS is more than just a highly durable case — it's also an easy access wallet. The semi-automatic door on the back slides open for a space that can store up to four of your most essential cards. The back has steel accents for added drop protection in addition to the raised edges to help guard your screen and camera against scratches. With this case, your phone is safe, and your cards are just a door slide away.

WWW Leather Wallet Case

Time to shine: WWW Leather Wallet Case with Makeup Mirror

Not only do you get a magnetic clasp secured front cover of this folio wallet case, but you also get a small mirror inside to go along with the card and cash slots. The cover also can fold back to function as a kickstand for your phone, allowing you to watch your phone hands-free. The laser-carved flower pattern on the front gives this case a very unique look to help its style stand out as much as your own.

$18 at Amazon

Cut down on pocket carry with the best wallet cases for the Galaxy Note 20

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is a large device with a large price tag to go along with it. So it makes sense to protect it with one of the best cases available. Whether you carry a wallet in your pocket or purse, this phone will take up a lot of that space. With a wallet, keys, phone, and more, it can be easy to start to feel weighed down in our daily carry set up.

This is where combining your wallet and phone case together makes can make for a great idea. Using a wallet case every day may not be for you. Perhaps you just want to use it for a night out, a day trip to the farmer's market, on vacation, or any other short term excursion. These types of cases can help to simplify what you take with you. The Spigen Slim Armor CS gives you the more traditional phone case style with space to securely keep your two most essential cards. If you prefer something a bit more professional looking with more storage space, then the two-tone leather KEZiHOME RFID Leather Wallet Case is an excellent option.

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