Best Thin Cases for Moto G7 Android Central 2021

The Moto G7 might be cheaper than other phones on the market, but at its foundation, it's just like any other phone and it needs to be protected with a case. However, it can be tough sometimes to find a case that's both thin and protective to avoid adding to your weigh to your pocket or any extra bulk onto your phone. Here are some options to peruse, whether you just want a case that's a little thinner than normal or something that's barely there.

Trusted brand: Spigen Rugged Armor

Staff pick

Spigen's Rugged Armor case is a perfectly thin one-piece case that's both slim and rugged — the best of both worlds. Spigen's proprietary Air Cushion technology adds some extra shock protection in the corners where you'll need it most. Plus, you'll get precise cutouts around the camera and fingerprint sensor on the back.

$13 at Amazon

Flexible and thin: Cimo Slim Matte

This is the case that Cimo is best known for, an ultra-thin case with a matte finish that's as minimalist as it gets. There's a slightly raised bezel around both the camera and the screen to keep that glass protected. The matte finish will feel great in your hand, as will the tactile covers for the buttons and the well-placed fingerprint sensor.

$8 at Amazon

The illusion of leather.: Olixar Leather Back Case

Editor's pick

Leather cases are often more expensive. Olixar gets around this by simply casting the back of its one-piece TPU case with a leather texture that feels like the real thing but protects like the shock-absorbing synthetic rubber that it is.

$13 at Amazon

Minimalistic: Arkour Minimalist Ultra Thin Case

Arkour also makes a very thin and minimalist case that's available in six colors. There are two finishes available — non-slip or smooth finish — with both sporting raised edges to keep your camera from accidentally getting scuffed up.

$12 at Amazon

Touch of leather: KEZiHOME Two-Tone Vintage Leather Back Cover

Some folks just like the feel of leather more than plastic. This new case sports a thin design with genuine leather across the bottom section of the phone — right about where you naturally grip it.

$16 at Amazon

A clear winner: Spigen Liquid Crystal

Spigen's Liquid Crystal case also incorporates the same Air Cushion technology as the Rugged Armor, but in this case, you get a crystal clear view of your Moto G7. It's the sort of case that protects well without distracting from the phone itself.

$13 at Amazon

Texture galore: Slinco Rugged Durable Armor

This flexible one-piece case features an eye-pleasing pattern of ridges on the back that look great and also provide enhanced grip. It's a thin and light case at a great price — what's not to love?

$7 at Amazon

Ultra thin and clear: LK Ultra Slim Thin

An alternative pick to the Spigen Liquid Crystal, LK offers an ultra thin clear case that allows full access to all the ports and features an anti-slip coating. It's also available in opaque black if you prefer that look.

$10 at Amazon

The perfect thin case will feel just right

The Moto G7 is a phone that manages to turn heads at a lower price point. It's a pretty good looking phone that can really be enhanced with a thin case that doesn't add much bulk while covering the body of the phone with raised bezels to protect the screen and camera.

Our top recommendation is the Spigen Rugged Armor which offers a perfect fit for your phone with a reliable design that feels great in hand. The KEZiHOME Two-Tone Vintage Leather Back Cover is a classier choice for those who like their phones to stand out with some genuine leather. But the best value is from Slinco Rugged Durable Armor which offers a simple and stylish design for the best available price.

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