Best Galaxy S7 Screen Protectors in 2022

Samsung Galaxy S7 To Do
Samsung Galaxy S7 To Do (Image credit: Android Central)

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is starting to reach that age where it's no longer in line to get the latest versions of Android but is still supported by Samsung with security updates. That means you might be reading this on a Galaxy S7 right now, and looking to re-up on protection for your screen. Here are the best screen protectors for the Galaxy S7!

Probably time to consider an upgrade

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You can still buy brand new Galaxy S7 phones to this day, and especially if you're buying one now, you'll need a screen protector. But if you've had one for a while now, you can breathe new life into your phone by giving it a fresh screen protector to cover up any microabrasions or cracks. Having said that, if you're still using a Galaxy S7, you might want to start thinking about upgrading to a phone that will get software updates for Android Pie and onwards.

Our top recommendation for tempered glass options is from amFilm, which offers slight curves to allow for complete edge-to-edge protection. It's a great option if you're looking for the sturdy protection that tempered glass provides.

For the best value for your dollar, look to the LK Flexible Film which offers three screen protectors that are quick and easy to install and backed by a lifetime warranty.

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