Best Galaxy S7 Screen Protectors in 2022

Samsung Galaxy S7 To Do
Samsung Galaxy S7 To Do (Image credit: Android Central)

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is starting to reach that age where it's no longer in line to get the latest versions of Android but is still supported by Samsung with security updates. That means you might be reading this on a Galaxy S7 right now, and looking to re-up on protection for your screen. Here are the best screen protectors for the Galaxy S7!

Probably time to consider an upgrade

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You can still buy brand new Galaxy S7 phones to this day, and especially if you're buying one now, you'll need a screen protector. But if you've had one for a while now, you can breathe new life into your phone by giving it a fresh screen protector to cover up any microabrasions or cracks. Having said that, if you're still using a Galaxy S7, you might want to start thinking about upgrading to a phone that will get software updates for Android Pie and onwards.

Our top recommendation for tempered glass options is from amFilm (opens in new tab), which offers slight curves to allow for complete edge-to-edge protection. It's a great option if you're looking for the sturdy protection that tempered glass provides.

For the best value for your dollar, look to the LK Flexible Film (opens in new tab) which offers three screen protectors that are quick and easy to install and backed by a lifetime warranty.

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  • I've used the IQ Shield, and I LOVE the wet installation - great use of the water resistance of the phone. I just don't understand the missing corners! That's part of the screen too, and susceptible to getting scraped against my keys while in my pocket. I have a plain ol' clear skin case on my phone, and the screen protector doesn't hit it, so that's good. However, I had to take off my first protector after I used the phone in my Gear VR headset, as it peeled the film back and wasn't able to go back on without looking like crap. So, if you use the GEAR VR, just know you may have to replace your screen protector each time.
  • I ran a IQ shield for a few months as well and that was the one thing I didn't like about it, even with a good case on parts were still exposed.
  • Gang...don't overlook the true-Liquid Screen protectors that wipe on to the screen with a cloth or spray... and quickly dry to a 9H Tempered Protection-hardness layer. For those with true-curved screens... such as the Galaxy S7 Edge or the Note 7. You will find it truly welcomed and a cut above the typical soft-screen protectors or rigid tempered-glass models which don't offer full coverage and contact with the screen's surface.
  • How do you remove it?
  • Ethanol-based alcohol cleaner. I have the Sharkproof at home that I'm going to put on my replacement Note 7.
  • Product link?
  • I have the Skinomi and it's amazing and easy to install.
  • Been using smartphones from the beginning and I've never used a screen protector. Ever. And never had a scratch
  • 2 options: u use it like messing with uranium 237 or you dont see your scratches.
  • Or I'm a grown up who can handle a phone that already has gorilla glass
  • Same here
  • Can you please do this for the Note7 too? Is there any viable glass protector?
  • oh please!!! Huh???!!! Tempered glass exists for both phones. truly great. nothing matches it. nothing!! the clearest, the most durable, the easiest to install (and re-use), the easiest to clean, and the hardest to scratch. oh, also usually less expensive than "skins". If you are not using tempered glass, you are just pretending!
  • I just got an Armorsuit skin from amazon. It says to not only power off, but to remove the battery to install. Really???Uses a blow dryer to seal the edges - is that why?
  • Yep. I'm rocking a curved glass screen protector for my Note 7. It covers evey part of the curved screen too. Pressure sensitivity sucks the first day, but after that, feels like there's nothing on your screen. And that folks is how a screen protector should feel, like it's not even there.
  • Brand and link please.
  • This works fantastic on my Galaxy S7
    Armorsuit MilitaryShield Samsung Galaxy S7 Screen Protector (Case Friendly) Anti-Bubble Ultra HD Shield w/ Lifetime Replacements by ArmorSuit
  • What do we think about Zagg? I never hear about them on AC.
  • I had the amfilm ones on my wife's phone and they kept breaking. After the first one broke, they replaced it for free. When the second one broke, their lifetime warranty only applies to the first protector, after that you buy a new one. After switching brands, no more problems.